Strike the Blood Season 2

Great news came for the admirers of the fantastical stories about vampires and other monstrous creatures. The TV adaptation of the novel under the same title has already appeared on screens and now is in free access. The second season is, however, to be renewed by the developers but let’s hope for the best.

Giving a short outline

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Just reading the title of the series, one can guess at once that it is about vampires. So the story will be interesting for the fans of such fantastic thrilling stories.
Strike the Blood is considered to be initially a Japanese novel created by Mikumo Gakuto. Since 2011, it has been published in the magazine under the title Dengeki Bunko. Its manga adaptation began to be issued in Dengeki Daioh in 2012. The company ASCII Media Work serves as its publisher.
In 2013, the manga has been turned into a TV series. So far we have only one season in store.

What is the story about?

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The events of the story take place in the imagined world where the humans and monsters, exactly saying vampires, should exist and cooperate in spite of the danger emanating from the demons.
In the Pacifics, there is even an island that is inhabited by both humans and demons that have equal rights. In the story, there are also the wizards, people who are hunting the demons trying to protect people from them.
The principal character is Akatsuki Kodzyo, a common student from the first sight. However, it is not so simple as it might be. For some unknown reason, he turns to the true fourth vampire in the world. Himeraki Yukina nicknamed “Shaman’s Blade” is chasing him. In the case of him getting out of control, she should kill him right away.
The story depicts also some other rival characters as, for example, Asagi Aiba. She is Kojou’s friend and adores him secretly. She gets to know about the true nature of the principal character not at once. Her nickname is Cyber Express. She works for the Manmade Island Management Corporation acting as a programmer.
Sayaka Kirasaka is another heroine who has some unusual peculiarities, as for instance, her specialization. The thing is that she a War Dancer and qualified in such spheres as hexes and assassinations. She hates all men in the world and is considered to be a member of Lion-King Organization.
Motoki Yaze is Asagi’s classmate and her best friend from early ages. She knows about Asagi’s sympathy towards Akatsuki Kodzyo and always encourages her in the attempts to get in good with a young guy.

Release details

Though Strike the Blood season 2 release date is yet unknown, the viewers of the widely acclaimed series are discussing the possible variants of the launch day. Due to such popularity that the story has gained, the creators are bind to renew the anime adaptation if they are willing to save the ratings and the fans. However, there is the little choice now. We should only stay tuned in order not to miss the premiere of the second season.


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