Starmyu Season 2

Some modern cartoons are not very moral, but when it comes to Eastern series in the genre of anime, here one can usually find the idea that the authors develop and something useful they want to convey to viewers. In a very famous show Starmyu, where the characters by all means try to achieve their goals and follow their dreams till the very end, everyone will find something that will make not look away until the very last episode of the series. This project has already earned huge popularity for just one season, and now the audience is waiting for the next renewed part, asking the creators the only question: when will Starmyu season 2 be presented? Release date of the following season premiere is already known, and the audience believes that this coming will bring only positive emotions and hope that even the second season won’t be the last one. Tokyo MX channel and some other networks will probably start broadcasting a new season, so everything which is remained is just waiting for the premiere.

Authors Crew

Starmyu Season 2
The first new episode of Starmyu was presented on October 5, 2015, and the second season air date is scheduled for April 3, 2017. Season one included 12 episodes; there is still no accurate information how many episodes the next part will contain, but their number is likely to be the same.
The main creator and director of the series is Shunsuke Tada, but, of course, he is not the only person working over this anime. The list of his co-workers includes the following screenwriters:

  • Daisuke Watanabe;
  • Sayaka Harada;
  • Ikuko Takahashi;
  • Rin Hinata;
  • Fumiyo Sakai.

The are also a few producers responsible for the anime not to lose its popularity – Mika Sugimoto, Ryoji Maru, Hisato Usui.
The studio producing the series is C-Station, and it’s licensed by Funimation and Universal Pictures.

Brief Review and Cast

Starmyu Season 2
The plot of the series shows 5 talented music students who dream of getting to the famous Academy of Music. But it is not their only dream; they want to be trained under the direction of the most famous members of the Council, who are the representatives of the star academy. The friends incredibly lucky – they are noticed by one of the members of the Council, who takes them to his team.
The actors participating in voicing the show and performing its cast are the following ones:

  • Natsuki Hanae (acts as Yuta Hoshitani);
  • Arthur Lounsbery (presents Kaito Tsukigami);
  • Yoshimasa Hosoya (voices Kakeru Tengenji);
  • Daisuke Hirakawa (acts as Tsubaka Hiragi);
  • Tomoaki Maeno (presents Shu Kuga) and some others.

Soon Renewal and Viewers’ Expectations

It’s already known exactly when the series will return; the following season release date is set for April 3, 2017 according to the schedule given by the authors. This terms seems to be finale, so there is little tome to wait for the season start to be presented on the world’s screens. The audience is eager to watch the continuation of their beloved show and hope that it will not fail their expectations. Stay tuned not to miss the premiere and get various interesting pieces of news.


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