Soul Eater Season 2

Have you ever dreamt of attending a university run by a villain? With the anime series “Soul Eater”, you have an opportunity to watch the lives of people who are attending one. So far, this compelling story is waiting for a restart, much to our regret.

Brief review

The anime series “Soul Eater” is a jewel of such animators as Yoshiyuki Ito and Norifumi Nakamura. Both of them worked on the directory as well as artwork issues.
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The screenwriter, Akatsuki Yamatoya, took the original concept from the manga drawn by Atsushi ?kubo. The anime design is a work of Shinji Aramaki.
The first season premiered for the first time on TV Tokyo, back in April 2008. It had about 50 episodes available on various online resources.
As for the DVD release, the Funimation Company, as well as some others, took an active part in this business after purchasing a license. But this came to be later, in 2010.
The broadcast outside Japan became possible thanks to such networks as MTV Portugal and Adult Swim. The series debuted there in 2010, as soon as the English version of the anime adaptation appeared. Since then, the series had got a universal praise. It was broadcast even in Italy, since September 2015.
The question now is, whether we should wait for the new episode of season two, or not.

Details about the story

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The story takes place in the Institute of Arms. There, assistants of The God of Death are taught to manipulate and use their powerful abilities. The Institute teaches some students to turn into various weapons and their partners to wield them.
The characters of this anime are split into three teams. The first one has the serious Maki paired with Sol. The second group consists of Black Star and Tsubaki, noted for his power to turn into any ninja cold arms. The third one is Death Junior, who is a partner to the sisters Pat and Liz. They turn into guns.
Cronyism is an integral part of the policy of the God of Death. But family ties have no effect on the learning process here. Friends, and rivals to each otherat the same time, keep competing in their powers. Each one exploits his or her special style of transformation into weapons. As a result, a heroine named Maka and her living weapon partner Soul Eater achieve the maximum power level thanks to synchronizing their souls.
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About possible renewal

The manga creator keeps writing and publishing it. So there is a great possibility of an anime adaptation. Because of that, it is very probable that the series come out ready for broadcasting throughout the world.
As the current situation is concerned, the series’s future has not been defined yet. Of course, that’s regrettable and unfortunate. One thing we know for sure, there will be no early continuation. Consequently, the Soul Eater Season 2 release date has not yet come out.

Update: Soul Eater Season 2 Status

Although the manga is still ongoing, the anime is yet to catch up. And it looks like the people in charge are not particularly interested in letting it catch up. It becomes more and clearer as time passes.
One of the possible reasons is that some people find the anime lacking compared to the manga, which is the source material. It is not impossible that the entire thing has to be redone from scratch.
Meanwhile, make sure to stay tuned. As unlikely as it is, there might yet be positive changes.


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