Shounen Maid Season 2

Have you heard already of the appearance of the fresh comedy anime aired on several online channels? The name to this new hilarious hit is Shounen Maid. The series is so far at its first stage being aired. But we hope that information about the sophomore chapter is around the corner.

What should the fan base of the series know about this project?

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A new comedy anime show under the title “Shounen Maid” has seen the light of day in this past April. Being a feather in the cap of 8 Bit studio, the series presents a product for broadcasting all over the world for such online resources as FUNimation Entertainment (in English and Spanish), and the French Anime Digital Networks. This list of networks for airing is not complete by the way. The ordering has been emanated from various online channels being willing to supply themselves with great ratings be means of this project.

Moving closer to the story itself

Everything starts with the parting letter left by the already dead mother of Tihiro Komia in which she had noted that everything would work out, along with a proverb “No song, no supper”.
His mother was spending her time working all the time without having any possibility to entrust the duty to earn their living to somebody else. So at home she was very seldom. The boy was consequently left to himself.
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After the funeral, he was introduced to man who named himself as Tihiro’s uncle. Then he found out that he and his mother came from the wealthy family. Being cut off from these rich relatives, they needed to make their ends meet.
So Tihiro turns to become the resident of the enormous but neglected house and starts serving as his uncle’s attendant in exchange for shelter.
But you should not mistakenly think that this is the story that reminds Cinderella’s one. The uncle is not on the evil side. His goal is to rear an independent personality in his nephew.
So watching this story, we come to deal with the daily mundane life events that turn to provide us with smiling and laughing at the routine challenges of this quite unusual couple of central characters presented by a serious and stubborn boy and an infantile adult.

Reviewing and scolding the series

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We cannot affirm with much sureness that this serial is considered to be something of a real breakthrough though we should note that the story is truly nice for watching but than can be forgotten without anything being missed in the life. The graphical aspect is nevertheless on a high level together with nice and entertaining characters that can tickle the audience interest.

Regarding the feasibility of the revival

As the current situation proposes to us, we have not data available concerning the Shounen Maid season 2 release date as the pioneer chapter of the anime is so far on the run. But some rumors are wandering the Internet that we are expect to watch the following installment in the winter of 2018.


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