Shimoseka Season 2

Are you the follower of high morality? In the series “Shimoseka”, all principles that are connected with the banning of erotica, as well as foul language, turn to be the subject for depiction there. The comedy is still up in the air with the renewal seeming to be around the corner.

Brief review

Shimoseka is a flimsy comedy packed up in the anime series. The airing being held on various Japanese as well as international online networks started amidst previous summer.
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The cable broadcast was possible due to Sun TV, AT-X, KBS Kyoto, Chiba Television, TV Aichi, Nippon BS Broadcasting Corporation, Television Saitama Co., Tokyo MX, and Television Kanagawa.
In the whole world, it was put to airing on Anime Digital Network, AnimeLab, and FUNimation Entertainment.

Entering into plot particulars

All events portrayed in the anime adaptation happened after the government in the country had decided to pass a law which served then as a rule that forbade to speak about sex including watching erotica as well surely pornography and to use any inappropriate means of language.
So the residents of the new world are highly moral. Through special facilities called "chokers of morality," people turn to be watched and thus being put under harsh control.
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Our main character named Tanukichi Okuma attending earlier a school known for its low morals moves to the school where the principles of morality are scrupulously protected.
Adaptation in the new moral society takes time but he is encouraged by his feeling for Anna Nishikinomiya who serves as the Tokioka Student Council President.
Our hero turns to be in crosshairs when being entrusted to perform the duties of a trainee at the Student Council for the purpose of maintaining morality among students. He is acquainted with all those immoral aspects and consequently is in the picture of the ways how to fence people about.
But this new position comes to be overshadowed by the blackmailing of Ayame Kajou, his classmate who is pursuing to make from him a member of her terrorist group one of the goals of which is to implement special actions against his heart-throb Anna.
Ayame Kajou is nobody but the well-known terrorist called as "Blue Snowball", who is the immediate spearhead of immoral actions on public. She exploits foul language and distributes pornographic cards everywhere. Accidentally, Tanukichi turns to become aware of her true nature. So how should he solve this issue? In order to get to know it, let’s follow the series.

Does the plot seem to be really funny?

The story is perceived as something really dynamic and rather relaxing to follow it with jokes and mockeries standing on a high level. The graphical aspect keeps pace with the compelling plot.
As a kind of conclusion, we should note that the series is very much probable to be renewed for the second round. But so far there is no info about the sequel as well as about the Shimoseka season 2 release date.


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