A new adaptation of the fantastical story about vampires in the form of the TV series is coming to please us this year. With what do the developers want to surprise us? Let’s clear it out.

The outline of the franchise

Servamp Anime PosterAny anime series is based on a certain manga or a ranobe. The series under the title “Servamp” is not an exception. The manga under the same name written by Strike Tanaka comes to be the inspiration for the upcoming multipart anime movie.
The manga was serialized in the popular Japanese magazine “Monthly Comic Gene” since the beginning of the summer 2011. This publisher is reckoned to be mostly for a female auditory.
In August 2015 there appeared an official announcement about the launch of the anime adaptation to the story depicted in the manga.
In the USA the publisher for the manga is considered to be Seven Seas. Four adapted English language manga volumes have been released, with more announced. Alongside with the printed text, the manga series was also followed two drama CDs. The first one was launched with volume six of the manga in summer 2014.
This presented a very curious fact: initially the manga was called “Eve and Sevamps”. The chapters from the magazine have been collected into nine tankobons that have been launched by Kadokawa.
The anime will be developed by the company “Brain’s Base”. The principal director is going to be Itto Sara; Hideaki Nakano will serve as a director. Kenji Konuta will create a series composition. The design matters and duties were entrusted to Junko Yamanaka.

What is the story about?

The manga enlarges upon a principal character whose name is Mahiru Shirota. He is a 16-year-old young boy, a high school freshman. What he hates in his life most of all is that the things always come to be complicated and difficult. One fine day he finds a black feral cat in the middle of the road which he calls Kuro (it is translated into English as “black”). This day is considered to be crucial in his careless life that comes to be turned upside down at once.
The cat that turned to cross the way of Mahiru Shirota was not common. The thing is that Kuro is a servamp (short for servant of a vampire). From that point forward, Sleepy Ash (it is a real name of the cat) and Mahiru are tied with a contract.
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Though Mahiru is of the opinion of non-intervention, the character gets involved in the war between fantastical creatures called vampires and a human race.

Release details

A television copy for the manga was stated to be produced in the near future in the August issue of Monthly Comic Gene. It was also reported by Oricon Style that the copy was going to be a TV series. Isn’t it great news for the anime fans and particularly for the admirers of the popular manga?
The anime will begin airing in July 2016. That is considered to be the Servamp official release date. Thus, let’s keep looking forward to summer that will present a magnificent thrilling story about vampires.


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