Sekkou Boys Season 2

It’s pretty rare possible to find anime series that do not show standard stories about different magical worlds and heroes fighting against evil. One of such series which is very sarcastic and humorous was introduced in 2016 and was called Sekkou Boys. In this show there was nothing magical or heroic, because its format is more like a parody, and as the cast are performed very unusual characters. The project was a discovery for many anime fans not accustomed to such series, but they had come to love this program. Therefore, after the last episode was presented on BS11 channel, the audience began to frequently ask about when Sekkou Boys season 2 will air. Release date of the next part of the series is likely to be announced soon in case the creators decide to present a renewed project. Its coming would be quite logical, so a new episode of the second season premiere will probably air in the near future and the story of Sekkou Boys will return.

Authors Crew

The first season start was presented to the world on January 8, 2016, and all the part lasted till March 25, 2016. The number of episodes is 12, and the second season is likely to contain the same number.

The director of the series is Tomoki Takuno, a Japanese creator, who was been working in cooperation with Michiko Yokote, the author of the story.

The company producing Sekkou Boys is Liden Films; the network that will definitely present the following new season release date is BS11.

Plot Peculiarities

The main character of the program is Miki Ishimoto, a girl who used to study in art school for a long time and during her studying often engaged in drawing statues, starting to hate any sculptures. But she was greatly surprised when she, finding a job in a record company, discovers that the stars of the pop scene are actually statues made of gypsum. At the same time, these characters have the same star habits of self-satisfied personalities, and this makes them completely indistinguishable from modern performers. The series is a parody of modern show business and ridicules all its vices that are so obvious today.
Sekkou Boys Season 2

The actors who gifted their voices to the main characters of Sekkou Boys are the following ones:

  • Shiho Kokido, presenting Miki Ishimoto;
  • Jun Fukuyama, who plays the role of Hermes;
  • Tomokazu Sugita, voicing St. Giorgio;
  • Daisuke Ono, acting as Mars;
  • Shinnosuke Tachibana, presenting Medici, and some others.

Sekkou Boys Season 2

Possible Renewal and Rating

The authors haven’t yet mentioned when new season air date is going to be announced, but the audience supposes that there are all the chances for the show to go on. The rating on IMDB is not the highest (6.1/10), but that doesn’t mean that the broadcasting will be stopped. Stay tuned to know when season two will be continued and follow all the news appearing in mass media.

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