Schwarzesmarken Season 2

Fighting with aliens in the world of the anime series entitled “Schwarzesmarken” has been running for ten years since 1983. The first season is already available for us to view and rewatch it at any moment but now the question is the very possibility of the second one as the continuation is the object of the worldwide anticipation indeed.

Following features of the whole project

The series under the title “Schwarzesmarken” is another addition to the line-up from the new fabrication studios called SANZIGEN Inc, Ixtl, and LIDEN FILMS. The first and the latter ones are noted for cooperating on a very successful The Heroic Legends of Arslan last year. At the same time, Ixtl and LIDEN FILMS also have a product of their tight collaboration – Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse released earlier in 2012. This series is reckoned to be a prequel to that 2012 series.
Schwarzesmarken Season 2 Poster
Making a kind of conclusion, the members of these studios are already aware of how to work with each other which can be reckoned as a guarantee of the series success, as well as of the following releases of the project.
The release of the first season was set in this past winter. And now we are waiting for the confirmation of the sophomore chapter.

Plot summary

The story is set in the previous century. Specifically in 1983, the invaders from the space desired to conquer our planet. These aliens are called BETA. For ten years now as the story of the series unfolds the harsh battling for territories on Earth takes place.

The place for these fights is along the lines of the river Oder, which is located on the border of East Germany and Poland. This war turns to be complicated also by the confrontation between the countries of the Warsaw Pact and the NATO. The difficulty lies in the sad fact that the confronted sides cannot unite even for some time in order to stop the invasion of aliens.
The story focuses in particular on Theodor Eberbach serving as a pilot, as well as on Captain Irisdina Bernhard and UN mecha-pilot named Kate Waldheim, saved by them in one of the fights.

How was it accepted?

Practically all aspects of this anime show have obtained perfect marks no matter whether it is artworks or the very story portrayed together with well-developed characters and plot lines. The narrative is truly exciting, by the way. It is dark and full of intrigues yet pretty dynamic, as it has been expected before the premiere.
Schwarzesmarken Season 2 Cast

Renewal predictions

Chances that the series will be resumed for the second chapter are solid due to the favorable reviews, as well as the amount of viewers watching this anime show all over the world.
The suppositions are such that the second season is likely to emerge on screens in autumn 2017, thus in the entire year. The Schwarzesmarken season 2 release date can appear also only in the next year, not earlier. Nevertheless, we are keeping our fingers on the pulse in the case some new data concerning this anime series appear.


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