Sansha Sanyou Season 2

Most part of Japanese anime series is based on manga series with the same idea and characters. This adaptation consists of 12 episodes. The airing started on the 10th of April 2016 and finished on the 26th of June the same year. The director of Sansha Sanyou is Yasuhiro Kimura.

The Plot

There are three main characters in the story. They are shown in their everyday reality. They are schoolgirls dealing with friends, family issues, romance and responsibilities at school. Each girl has a kanji in the name. The word kanji is translated like “leaf”. Every girl has her peculiarities. The translation of the title hints at it – “Three leaves, three colors".
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The Main Characters

Futaba Odagiri voiced by Mai Kanazawa in the original version and by Jeannie Tirado in the English version. She’s an easy-going girl, full of energy and drive. She’s got extremely great appetite. Futaba is always the one who participates in food competitions and gets the first places. Restaurant hate her for that adding her to their blacklists. She isn’t the most ambitious student and isn’t successful in her studies, but she’s a perfect cook. Her name is translated as "double leaves".
Teru Hayama voiced by Ayaka Imamura in the original Japanese version and by Tabitha Ray in the English dub version. The class representative of Futaba’s class. Her personality is the most mixed one. She does her best to look good for people often being mean to them in reality.
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Her constant victim are Serina and Asako. She’s extremely smart, but weak. She’s also fond of sweet little animals. The translation of her name consists of two words – “leaf” and “mountains”.
Y?ko Nishikawa voiced by Y? Wakui in the original version of the series and by Alexis Tipton in the English variant. She’s the same age as Futaba and Teru, but they are in different grades. She was born in a very prosperous and rich family. They had it all until her mother’s death. Her dad, devoured by grief, went bankrupt. Their life suddenly became ordinary. Y?ko still behaves and acts like a noble rich little girl, longing to get back to her way of life of the past. She went through terrible misfortunes and was alone with no one to support her until Futaba and Teru meet her by chance in the very beginning of the story. The literal translation of her name is "leaf child".
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For the full list of characters and voices get to the IMDb resource.

Release Date Info

There was no official confirmation of the renewal of the series, so the release date of the second season of the show is unknown – Sansha Sanyou is yet to be renewed.


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