Samurai Jack

Are you missing a story about a warrior and a devil? It has been 11 years past since the finale episode of the series under the title “Samurai Jack”, and now the creators decided to renew the series to give the story a closure. So what can we expect from the renewal? Let’s find it out!

Short review

Samurai Jack PosterThe first thing that should be mentioned is that the story is a cocktail of different genres, as for example, it can be considered a drama, adventure, fantasy, and action. Originally the story is produced by Cartoon Network Studios.
The story is created by Grenndy Tartakovsky and broadcast on Adult Swim’s Toonami. The first episode of the fantastical series was brought to the channel in 2001 and the final one was aired in 2004. However, the viewers did not feel that the story was closed. That’s there was some kind of anticipation together with hope in the hearts of the series fans that the series will be renewed. So the hopes turn to be answered no matter after all the years away from the broadcast.
After his work on such projects as Hotel Transylvania and Hotel Transylvania 2 was completed, Tartakovsky decided to turn his attention back to the discussed story. You are able now to get acknowledged with  a quick teaser for the new Samurai Jack upcoming episodes as well as with the new posters that are available now on the Internet.
There were also some rumors that the director is about to shoot the entire feature film as the immediate continuation of the story left many years ago unattended. As you see, the rumors turn to be nothing else but a fake.
It is also expected that the new series will keep  depicting more adult-centric topics and action that may be fully inappropriate for children to watch.

Plot summary

Let’s define the main conflict of the story on which the story is based. So the clash is between Samurai Jack, a warrior with a sword that is full magic power and the villain named Aku, the evil dark side of the story who can change the shape. The plot takes place in a distant land. The opposition of these two principal heroes led to the portal being opened by the devil. It is considered to be the door to the future. There Jack finds himself after the battle. In the new fantastical world, everything depends on the villain. Jack’s life goal currently is to come back to the past and destroy Aku’s world.
Samurai Jack Promo

When can we expect the appearance of the renewed series?

At the end of the previous year, the Adult Swim page on the official Facebook account typed the post with a short promo teaser proving the fact that a new version or continuation of the old story under the title “Samurai Jack” will be broadcasting in 2016.
However, it has yet to be announced whether it going to be a short mini-series broadcast to give a closure to the story or it will be the start of a new period in the history of "Samurai Jack" with more seasons to be released.
The Samurai Jack release date remains now unknown though we are aware that the series is to come surely this year. Stay tuned in order to be notified about the series launch in time.


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