Sakamoto Desu ga? Season 2

Inspired by the popular 2015 manga, the developers of Studio Deen were more than simply set to create the anime series that could replicate the manga success. And they have coped with this task brilliantly, in fact. Nevertheless, the series is so far on the bubble. What is the reason for it?

Anime review

The manga under the same title as the series was very popular when having been released in 2015. Consequently, there is no wondering about the fact that in this past April, we have been lucky to watch the anime adaptation of it. The series is reckoned to be a feather in the cap of the professional animators and producers crew working now in Studio Deen.
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Following the story

This anime is considered to be a range of the stories that are narrative of Sakamoto’s classmates. The thing is that are dissatisfied with him being so popular. Therefore, they are set to complicate at least somehow his life. They are serious about that in fact and aim at making their best in their life task.
Nevertheless, Sakamoto is always the winner of each situation and each attempt of his classmates.
Sakamoto remains as cool and good-looking as nothing has ever disturbed him.He carries finesse and gentleness into everything. All girls are his. Nevertheless, their love for him is not worrying our character.
He always helps the weak, without any thought of recognition behind his actions. Nevertheless, somehow recognition always finds him.

If to give a mark to the story

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The series narration is given in a so light-hearted manner that the oppressive impression cannot be ever made by the show.
The anime is perceived as something really worth watching it. Nevertheless, there are some disadvantages of the story. One of them is the perfect picture of a guy which nature is perfect as nothing else – there is nothing to blame him for. But is a disadvantage? In any case, the release is a complete success of the studio. By what is about its continuation? Let’s embark on revising this issue that is reckoned to be of vital importance for loyal followers of the anime genre.

Regarding the series fate

Returning to the question of the resumption, we are not willing to bring you the sad news but we should in fact. The thing is that the series cannot be renewed for the ground of the absence of material for further anime development. The series has told the story to us that has not a continuation, at least in the shape of manga volumes.
What can be the next decision of the developers? Probably, it will be a cancellation. Nevertheless, they are not in a hurry to do that. Is there a hope for the manga to be continued in the future? Surely, a tiny hop exists but at present we should so far forget about the project as the Sakamoto Desu ga? season 2 release date is not near in coming. We should recommend to you addressing to other no less interesting anime projects the variety of which is available on our service. Follow us and you will find you favorite one.


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