The story under the title “Rewrite” is to obtain its TV version. Such announcement was made by the Charlotte television anime. The fans of the famous video game are after the developers to unveil at least some information about the upcoming multipart anime movie.


Rewrite Anime PosterThe discussed story was initially a visual game that appeared in 2011 as a video game. In 2014, it was adopted for such platforms as PS4 and PS Vita systems. The version for Play Station 3 was presented to the public in February 2015.
The game is reckoned to be the most popular and the best-selling game for Windows PC. It was listed in the national top 50 twice more afterward. There have been four manga adaptations based on Rewrite published by ASCII Media Works and Ichijinsha. In addition the franchise includes various art book as well as a certain number of music albums.

  • Tensho, known as the one of the creators of The Fruit of Grisaia is considered to be the chief director and also a supervisor of the series scenario.
  • Romeo Tanaka (the scriptwriter of Cross Channel) and Visual Art’s Kai are trusted to deal with the composition and scripts matters.
  • Masayuki Nonaka, the principal director in the Hello!! KINMOZA project is to fit the game’s hero designs by Key/Visual Art’s Itaru Hinoue for animation.
  • Itaru Hinoue worked as the game’s creator and the head illustrator.
  • Jun Maeda was given the role of a musical compositor. He was also responsible for quality control.

Story about superpower

Rewrite Anime GirlThe events of the game take place in an imagined town called Kazamatsuri. It is highly civilized and at the same time green. Thus, the city is reckoned to be very comfortable for living.
Within it, players take up the role of Kotaro Tennoji. He is a student of a high school and privy to the place’s values. Content to fill his pockets with flippancy, the proud and nosey boy wastes his life time annoying the self-declared offender Haruhiko and being lenient towards his love feelings toward the queer Kotori.
Provided with the ability to rewrite any piece of his body inorder to intensify his power or speed abilities, Kotarou is naturally turned to the race supernatural creatures. One special meeting with the lone member and president of the Occult Research Club, the "Witch" Akane Senri, causes Kotarou wakening the Occult Club through enrolling Kotori and three other people who join the club with interest: the awkward new student Chihaya, Lucia, and the lowly Shizuru. As Kotarou reveals hidden secrets of each participant of the Occult Club in the course of their common adventures, he will obviously face the fact that only he possesses such ability.

When is the TV series going to appear?

Key’s visual novel is to obtain its own anime series very soon, following the conclusion of the most recent episode of Charlotte.
Unfortunately, there’s no information yet on the Rewrite release date. However, let’s keep waiting for at least any kind of data and stay tuned.

Teaser trailer

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