Rainbow Days Season 2

Shows in the genre of anime that are easy to perceive is something that one will not meet often, because most of such series in this genre tell us about complicated relationships, dangerous adventures and tough battles. But unlike similar projects, the series Rainbow Days, which was released on almost every popular channel with anime, can not be called very serious, because its plot is not designed for those who are looking for a project of fights and war. The format of this show assumes an interesting development of events, which is nice to observe and at the same time not to experience any excitement and worry. Since the very first new episode the audience has fallen in love with this anime, and now is often interested in the possibility of the appearance of a renewed season asking the creators about when Rainbow Days season 2 will debut on TV. Release date is still unknown, and its coming hasn’t been confirmed by the filming crew. The audience just hopes the first season wasn’t the last one and that the next season premiere will air soon.

Authors and Developers

Fans of Rainbow Days remember that the first season release date was scheduled for January 10, 2016, and lasted till June 26, 2016. The whole number of episodes is 24, which is quite many for an ordinary anime series.
Rainbow Days Season 2 date release

The main director of the show is Tetsumo Amino, a Japanese author, who developed Minami Mizuno’s manga and turned it into the series. One more person responsible for creating of the project is Tomohiko Ohkubo. The author of the script of Rainbow Days is Aki Itami.

The studio producing the program and the one that may help the project to return is Production Reed; the series is also licensed by Funimation, another famous company.
Rainbow Days Season 2

Brief Review and Cast

The main characters of the show Rainbow Days are four young friends who often have a great time discussing everything that excites young people – girls, romance, etc. One of the guys falls in love with a nice girl who also studies in their school, but his friends often interfere with their relationship. The project not for nothing gained popularity among the audience; they loved it for its sincerity and good and interesting story.

The cast of Rainbow Days is performed by professional actors whose voices are heard in the series:

  • Nobunaga Shimazaki, who presents Keiichi Katakura;
  • Yoshitsuga Matsuoka, acting as Natsuki Hashiba;
  • Koki Uchiyama, voicing Tsuyoshi Naoe;
  • Takuya Eguchi, whose character is Tomoya Matsunaga;
  • Minami Tsuda, presenting Anna Kobayakawa, and others.

Rainbow Days Season 2

Viewers’ Interest and Chances for Renewal

Some of viewers are skeptical about prospects of the new season air date to be announced, as the authors first planned to present only 24 episodes of the series. Anyway, the rating of the rating is not low (7.2/10 on IMDB), so the creators may take it into account and renew the show. Stay tuned to know about this and follow all the necessary news.

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