Prison School season 2 Release Date

Prison School season 2 Release Date


The first season of the show consists of 12 episodes. The series was broadcast by American, Japanese and European television for 10 months. The manga of "Prison School" is still published. There are 191 chapters already. It certainly means that there’s enough material for the TV adaption. Looks like the second season of "Prison School" is very possible to appear.

If the directors and producers decide to continue the show, it will appear no sooner than in autumn 2016.

There is no official news on the renewal of the series and the beginning of the second season. J.C.Staff studio is still deciding the fate of the animated show.


Follow the life of Morokuzu, Takehito (voiced by Konishi, Katsuyuki), Andou, Reiji (voiced by Okitsu, Kazuyuki), , Nezu, Jouji (voiced by Namikawa, Daisuke) and Fujino, Kiyoshi (voiced by Kamiya, Hiroshi)


It’s hard to say what were the five fools thinking about, but they still entered the Hachimitsu Girls Academy. No matter what they wished for, their dreams just could not become real. It had always been the academy for girls only. Then the principal of the Academy changed. The school became adopted for boys. Five new boys were admitted. They were Kiyoshi, Joe, Shingo, Gakuto and Andre.

The boys were naively dreaming of close relations with girls (isn’t it a good idea if you’re going ot live with hundreds of girls by your side every day, eh?). But the girls didn’t wish to get into any kind of relationships with male newcomers. But the boys  didn’t want to give up this fast and started doing really nasty things – they started spying on the girls in the bathrooms and toilets. Their behavior was severely punished after they had been caught by School Council members. The punishment turned out to be extremely violent – the boys were locked behind bars in the Academy basement and used as slaves. They had to suffer brutal punishments for each tiny offense.


The graphics, the plot and the voice acting are on a very high level, but it is terribly hard to watch silly boys suffer that much. It’s a dark comedy, but it has almost nothing to laugh at. The guys are beaten and violently humiliated. It happens mostly because of the gender reason. Their gender provokes the "bad and evil" situation.

The show itself makes us hope that the guys break loose somehow and put their sadists from the Council to shame. Unfortunately, if they escape, the show may end…

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Prison School season 2 Release Date

[English Dubbed] Prison School Episode 5

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