Prison School Season 2

It seems now unfair that the anime series referred to as “Prison School” is undefined in terms of its future. Surely, this black comedy is not for those who cannot bear such things as humiliations and sadism, but the final episode of the pioneer circle implies that there must be a sequel. So arm ourselves with patience and wait.

About the project in general

Seeming to be broadcasted in the whole universe, the series referred to as “Prison School” is the matter for discussions since its debut in the antecedent year. Being the representative of the genre called as a black comedy, the series is mocking at the things that cannot be reckoned as such ones that should be laughed at.
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The very core of the story lies in the fact that people turn to be under the severe humiliation just because they are belonging to another gender, consequently, being referred to as bad beings that do not deserve to live in one house with these sadists.
So the series provides us with the theme that can flash only sympathetic feelings within our souls. Those who happened to watch this series came to express the desire with all their hearts that the sadists in the School Council should be punished. But as so far this hasn’t happened, we can generate an idea that the story is about to have a sequel.

Plot details

Everything turns to circle around the Hachimitsu Girls Academy that has been earlier related to those that admit only ladies. AS the matter stands, the concept is changed.
Five boys named Joe, Shingo, Gakuto, Kiyoshi, and Andre are the first representatives of the male gender being admitted to this school.
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Vainly they were hoping to make friendship with girls. The thing is that the majority of them is loath to get acquainted with them. But this is just a taste of what’s to come.
The story of a severe violence starts unfolding when these boys find themselves imprisoned and turn to be exploited outrageously as slaves. The punishment for any even tiny offense is brutal. So the series is only for adults. Keep your children away from such things.

As for the feedback

It is perplexing what the developers are willing to deliver to us. Though from the graphical point-of-view, everything is perfect enough, the critics keep noting that it is pretty sad to watch stupid boys suffer.
So the wide broadcast on such channels as KBS Kyoto, AT-X, Sun TV, Tokyo MX, as well as on Crunchyroll and FUNimation Entertainment doesn’t influence the series growing in its popularity.

Second season presumptions

Prison School Season 2 Cast
Now the developers seem to scratch their heads over when coming to the point of the series resumption for the sophomore circle as the first one is not distinguished by a high approval both from critics and ordinary watchers.
If they make a choice in favor the revival, the series is supposed to reappear this upcoming fall. Surely, so far we cannot provide you with anything regarding the second installment including the feasibility of the resumption as well as the Prison School season 2 release date. So follow our service as we monitor the situation with the project.


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