Plastic Memories Season 2

Waiting for a concrete verdict regarding the feasibility of the second season of the anime “Plastic Memories”, we should note there’s still hope. There still are some chances that the developers will have second thoughts and reincarnate the project. Even after the already year-long hiatus.

General info about the newcomer in the genre of anime

The anime “Plastic Memories” guarantees a new portion of romantics. It is broadcast on such online resources as Crunchyroll, Daisuki, and some others. They all give an opportunity for the residents of the USA and Europe to watch a lot of things. Within Japan boundaries, the anime is on air on TV channels including Tokyo MX as well as AT-X.
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Premiering past April, the project is a work of the crew of the fabrication company. It is now called Studio Doga Kobo.

Reaching the very story portrayed

The central heroine is a timid young girl notable for her clumsiness and being a loser in every situation. What a poor thing she is, you must be thinking now.
But you should probably be jealous of her as she turns to a company creating androids. She becomes involved in the very process of production.
We should mention that the androids’ appearance turns out to be the same as that of people in the imaginary world of anime. So it is nothing ordinary. Additionally, some of them, for instance, the android named Giftia, are in possession of some human emotions.
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The driving force of the story is that they need an upgrade after a decade of service. The department where the main heroine works is to embark on finding such androids. Ignoring the fact above means that dangerous things will happen to them down the road.
Tsukasa comes to be led by the android named Isla. She has the appearance of a real girl but also some obvious problems with emotions. Isla’s feelings are sometimes misapplied in some given situations.

Possibility of the resumption

Plastic Memories Season 2 Cast
The series in now on the bubble waiting for the verdict of the developers who are hesitating if they should resume the story. The idea is that the story has chances to become truly successful as anime series of the romantic type are in fashion now. But, as the critics note, 12 episodes, from which the opening installment consists are sufficient, in fact, to show the early love of the main characters.
The series was expected to appear this summer according to some rumors. But there has been no word from the creators about the Plastic Memories season 2 release date so far. Nor have they said anything about the feasibility of the series’s revival, unfortunately. That’s why we will monitor the future installments to supply you with all necessary info. So be in the swim together with us and find out when a new episode is out.

Update: Plastic Memories Season 2 Status

Today, we bring you not the best news we could think of. On the other hand, this news is far from the worst, so there’s that. What’s the matter? Well, the issue is we might no see a new episode for a long, long time, if ever. There has been no official news concerning the fate of the anime, and even the most optimistic rumors revolve around a hiatus. As you can guess, the more pessimistic ones claim that the project is to be canceled.
If you’re a subscriber of ours, do not doubt for even a second that we will inform you should something come up. If you’re not, we suggest that you become one.


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