Owari no Seraph Season 3

The Wit Studio anime series “Owari no Seraph” deserved its second season, and the developers made an early announcement of the renewal. The second release hasn’t repeated the success yet. Still, we are waiting for the third season.

A short sketch of the whole anime adaptation

The first feature that to present to you about this project is that it is a feather in the cap of the professional crew that has been working in the Wit Studio animation company.
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At present, we have two full seasons. The pioneer one debuted in summer 2015. Right after three months had passed, the second premiere took place all of a sudden and pleasingly surprised us, anime fans. The second installment was titled as Seraph of the End: Battle in Nagoya.

Narrative summary

We should start by naming the main character of the anime show. So, here they are, Yuichiro Hyakuya and Michaela Hyakya.
The story is fantasy, after all, Michaela is a vampire. Meanwhile, Yuichiro is doing his best to find how to turn the vampire back into a human.
The anime series is a personal drama about two people, two close creatures. Their friendship is developing against the backdrop of the vampire attack on Tokyo.
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The task to fight off the attack is given to the Resistance Force, which is sent to the city of Nagoya to join the other reinforcements. Nevertheless, they find themselves captured, and our two heroes must embark on a dangerous trip to save their friends.

Comparing two seasons

If we compare the two seasons, we should note that the second one lacks in dynamics that is an integral part of the first installment. Everything in the sophomore cycle pretty is slow. Meanwhile, the characters are talking more and more often. There is too much talk about why they are doing that and that.
Thus, it seems that the second cycle is the boring one. Although the graphical everything is perfect, as it should be, taking into account the great artwork of the first chapter. Let’s hope that in the third season, the developers will improve the situation. If it will be released, that is.
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When can we expect the launch of the third installment?

Though the level of boredom is higher in the second (latest) season, we are sure that the third chapter will come out in the future. However, whether this future is near is guesswork. Why are we so certain? The original manga of the franchise, the source of the series’ is still coming out.
Some critics are also making some predictions regarding the possible launch timeframe after putting on the thinking cap. According to them, it is going to be winter 2017. We can expect the Owari no Seraph season 3 release date getting closer to the end of this upcoming fall.

Update: Owari no Seraph Season 3 Release Date

As of January 4, 2017, there has been no release of the third season. Although winter 2017 is far from over, it is clear that the producers will not release the new season anytime soon. That does not mean the season will not be out this year, only that we shouldn’t put our hopes on a soon release.
Stay with us and we will keep you updated.


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