Ore Monogatari Season 2

A new anime show from Madhouse has been still waiting for the announcement of its revival since the debut in the previous April. Let’s hope that delay of the story about Takeo Goda is nothing but a matter of time.

Quick sketch of the anime show

Ore Monogatari!!, or as an English title version proposes ““My Love Story !!”, is made as the amusing anime about feelings and friendship.

April of the previous year was noted for the appearance of the first episodes of the pioneer circle of this anime series. The broadcasting was set at the same time on two channels – the Japanese one called NTV as well as the Canadian and American Crunchyroll that streamed it online.
The series does not serve, however, as a typical story about romantics and love feelings. So let’s get closer to this issue.

Narrative details

This romantic anime story revolves around a love triangle. But let’s get back to the prehistory of the main events. So there are two friends named Takeo Goda and Makoto Sunakawa. The first one is a timid and not so handsome guy noted for losing much often his heart to girls who do not reciprocate his feelings. He is tall and very na?ve but these do not contribute to his popularity among females of females of his age.
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Makoto Sunakawa is his antagonist here. He is attractive in his appearance but gets used to feeling nothing towards the majority of girls.
The fate of humans is always full of twists. The end of their schooling was noted for one of them. After the graduation party, they were going towards their houses when noticed some hooligan was attempting to touch a lady. Goda without any hesitation in his mind rushed to protect the girl, and in return, the girl later defended him when the police officers embarked on convicting him of the crime.
So this is just the beginning of a story which follows Goda making up his mind to sacrifice his feelings in order help a girl to win the attention of the charming Makoto. So what choice will the girl named by the way Rinko Yamato make?
Pursuing to express her gratitude, she invites Goda to her home to try her delicious cakes. But Goda thinks that it is her plan to get closer to Makoto. In order to get to know what the real intentions of Rinko are, let’s follow together the story.

Perception of the story

Ore Monogatari Season 2 Cast
The cuteness and sweetness of the story can be taken here for granted when reading the details of the story. Surely, the series can be to the girls’ liking in the majority of cases. The naivety of Goda, feminineness of Rinko, and adequateness of the most popular guy at their school named Makoto are the main reasons to proclaim this story not a typical one.
With the much sympathy coming from viewers towards the main character, there is nothing to do, but to conclude the story needs its immediate continuation. But so far, there is no news regarding it. The Ore Monogatari!! season 2 release date remains undoubtedly unknown as well. But as the manga is still in the process of its release, a great hope exists that the story will be developed in the future.

Update: Ore Monogatari Season 2 Status

It seems, not only the producers but also the fans become disinterested in the series. Although there has been no word about a cancellation, it is entirely possible that season 2 might never appear after all. A disappointment for sure. The only good thing we can say about that is that it is no official. That said, the lack of news can be considered a sort of news in and of itself.
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