Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji Season 2

Having a soft spot for romantic comedies, the anime fans are now longing for any hints made by the developers of the series “Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji” as it has not been renewed since 2014 autumn debut.

Short review of the anime

Staying as a product of the TYO Animations studio, the serial “Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji” was born as far back as in 2014. The premiere was held in autumn. And since then we have got to know nothing about its future, regretfully.
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Outside Japan, the distributing duties are taken by Madman Entertainment and by Sentai Filmworks in Australia and in the United States correspondingly.
The series is predicated on the eponymous manga that is telling the romantic story. It comes to cover 21 parts of the novel. The events in the story are finished at the point of volume 6. So what is this story specifically narrative of?

Plot summary

Wanting to make someone be jealous of your life success, especially when everything is not as it is said, is not a good thing but the central heroine of this story named Erika Shinohara has made an attempt. The object of her lie is the imagined boyfriend. Showing even his photo, she put herself in jeopardy of becoming exposed. The thing is that the smart guy from the picture is nobody else but Erika’s schoolmate Kyoya Sata.

Now her task is to come to an agreement with this boy on playing the role of her pretend lover. The price for it is high but Kyoya has nothing in the course but to agree. As a payback, Erika turns to this boy’s toy.
The way he treats her afterward is cruel indeed. The guy seems to chase the goal not to lose any tiny opportunity of humiliation. With this decision being already made, it has come back to haunt her. Is it better maybe to reveal the truth to her friends?
As the matter stands, this story is not about humiliation or other cruel things that happen to people nowadays. It is a kind romantic story that should have a happy end. Consequently, the evil character here in the face of the smart guy is taking the good side step-by-step. And finally, he loses his heart to our heroine.

High time to speed things up

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The series serving as a light-hearted romantic project, which tells about the way the relationships are built between two characters, cannot just leave the audience throughout the world unfazed. So the story is accepted universally with flying flowers. As MyAnimeList proves it, the series is evaluated more than just simply averagely garnering about 8 points from 10 while gathering voices in favor of the project.
The manga chapters keep appearing. So there are great chances that the anime adaptation can be revived down the road. As the second chapter of the story is only in the cards now, we cannot say something regarding the precise plot details as well as the Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji season 2 release date. So follow us in order to be in the swim together with us.


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