One-Punch Man Season 2

The past year was overwhelming for the fans of the manga “One-Punch Man”. The TV version of the comics appeared on screen all around the world. We now have only one season in store. However, we hope that season 2 will not delay.

The outline

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The anime series “One-Punch Man” is reckoned to be only a version of the widely known and loveable web-manga created by the artist under the nickname ONE. It was in free access on the Internet as far back 2009 and gained great popularity among anime fans right away. One of the successful results of the manga is the appearance of its movie version in 2015. The first season was shown to the public in November and December 2015.
The production studio turns to be MADHOUSE. The first part consisted only of 12 episodes.

What is the anime story about?

The series is a parody mocking at many cliches typical for action movies about superheroes. The series doesn’t sidetrack from the peculiarities of the shonen anime style.
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The main character of the story is Saitama, a young guy who has become a superhero. He has dreamed of becoming a superhero from his early years. He wanted to defeat dangerous monsters. On obtaining superpower that let him beat any rival with one punch, he begins to realize that the work of a superhero is a dull routine. After long years of training, he has lost his hair, becoming bald. He is in constant search for stronger rivals.
During unfolding of the events in the series he meets new friends, enemies, and gets himself a student, the cybernetic organism Genos. Then, he enters the Heroes Association to obtain official acknowledgment as a superhero.
Even though he wins the battles with all dangerous creatures that even the famous and strongest Heroes Association’s top members cannot defeat, Saitama has to struggle through the way towards his super abilities to be publicly acclaimed. Most people only see his plain physical appearance, and others accuse him of being a fake hero. Only a small number of his fans are sure that he possesses an unbelievable talent and lowliness that make him superior to other heroes.

Ratings and commentaries

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One couldn’t say that the viewers accepted the series with flying colors. Thus, the adaptation failed to replicate the success of the manga. The reviews, however, are very diverse. For some people, it was dull and boring, but others laughed during watching. So the success of the series is rather average. That can be, however, enough for the renewal of the series for the second season.

Release details

The second part of the series is on the fence now. The producers are still to decide whether they should continue the anime show. So there is little choice. We have to wait for the One-Punch Man season 2 release date to appear in the official announcement.

Update: One-Punch Man Season 2 Status

It looks like Saitama’s adventures have been given green light for a continuation. Incidentally, Saitama might look different from what we’re used to. That would not be all that strange, considering the drawing style of the very first version of One-Punch Man. Who knows, perhaps, this time it’s going to be even better.
It is possible tat the season will be delayed until mid-summer 2017, mostly due to the complex plot of the manga counterpart.

Season 2 Special Trailer

Reviews & comments

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