Noragami Aragoto Season 3

The fantastic adventurous thriller about gods and humans living next to each other in a metropolis is allegedly coming back in the form of the third season in winter 2017. The exact premiere date is unknown as of yet, but let’s hope that the directors won’t stop making it, following the example of the manga authors.

Short review

Noragami Aragoto is a TV adaptation of the manga under the title “Noragami Aragoto” that recounts the adventures of a god without a temple. The first issue appeared in one of the most famous Japanese magazines in 2011. As of November 2015, the manga included 15 chapters.
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The premiere of the anime adaptation was set as far back as 2014. The number of episodes equaled 12. The second season appeared in 2015 and consisted of 13 episodes.
The production company is, apparently, BONES, notable for producing such anime as “Wolf’s Rain”, “Scrapped Princess”, “Darker than Black”, “Soul Eater”, “RahXephon”, “Star Driver”, and many others.
In an attempt to establish a full franchise, the Japanese company Sakura Soft released a game based on the manga in the fall of 2015.

The storyline

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A young Japanese girl named Hiyori Iki lives in two worlds: the normal world and the so-called “thin” one controlled by the gods of Shinto. Though Hiyori possesses superpowers, it doesn’t contribute to her life strength. Every day her ties between her soul and body are languishing, which means an early death is approaching. Her only hope is Yato, the god without a temple. He is in part to blame for the girl’s sufferings, and he promises to help her. However, the now young blue-eyed boy is worn-out. He is under a severe curse himself. He is hunted by the powerful and resentful goddess of war known as Bishamon. That’s why Hiyori has to take matters into her own hands.
The first results of their collaboration turn out to be unexpectedly fruitful. With the assistance of Hiyori, Yato obtains a sacred weapon, making a contract with its male soul and giving it the name Yukine. They made a good team, having  found many allies and honorably gone through many challenges. The disagreement between Yato and Bishamon is finally gone. However, Hiyori’s time is running short, and the true enemies have only begun to unfold their ulterior schemes. The higher gods are far from happy  with the fuss and strongly advise that Yato solves the problem with the "unwelcome guest from the human world" (Hiyori).
Will the heroes be able to cope with the challenges in due time? Will Yato obtain his own temple in the new episode? Hopefully, when the third season’s release date is finally here, we are going to receive the answers to these question. For now, we will have to wait until the third chapter of the series is finally on air.
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Release details

Since the manga the anime adaptation is based on is still being published, there obviously is a high possibility that the production company will not be satisfied with only two chapters of the series already released by them. Thus, we can only hope that we will see it in the winter of 2017. At least, that’s what rumored on the Internet, there has been no official confirmation as of yet. So, let’s keep waiting for the for the official announcement of Noragami Aragoto’s third season release date.

Update: Noragami Aragoto Season 3

And now, we finally bring you some news about the fate of the third season of Noragami Aragoto. Unfortunately, we don’t know yet when exactly a new episode will be out but as some people seem to believe, season 3 is indeed coming out in 2017.
Keep in mind that the anime will have to be translated before it can become available. So even when the season finally comes out, it will not become available for the rest of the world immediately.

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