No Game No Life Season 2

As for the news about the new anime project, we, unfortunately, have nothing so far to offer you. Why? Because the developers of the project, specifically the members of the Madhouse Studio, remain tight-lipped about the possibility of renewal. The reasons are unknown as well. Some speculate that that is due to a long-term hesitation.

Basic info about the anime

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A large number of new projects came to light in spring 2014, to the delight of the audience. One of the projects that have come out was the anime series under the title “Nogemu Noraifu”. The English version of the name is “No Game No Life”. You can probably see the similarity. That is because the original name is actually in English, except Japanized.
The serial has only a single chapter under its belt so far. But it includes 12 full episodes.
The anime is broadcast throughout the world. The list includes such countries as France, the United States (Crunchyroll), Spain, and, of course, Japan as its home. The series has been tickling the audience’s interest from the very first episode.

What story are we to follow here while watching anime?

The main characters of this story are Sora and Shiiro, who are siblings to each other. The guy and his little sister have a seven years age difference.  The catch? They can’t exist without each other. Any social contact is a true challenge for both of them. They can only achieve understanding between themselves.
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The story unfolds as they become part of a virtual world. Combining their forces, they gain sweeping victories over all the other gamers. No one can defeat these two.
The strange couple finds themselves in the middle of Disboard, the imaginary virtual world. Met by Tet, a god from another reality, they have to entertain him. He wants them to fight him for the throne of this world and to lay their path to the throne of the humanity.
During the game, the main characters, avid gamers, as you have already realized, will find allies by winning over them.

Constructive feedback

As we have already mentioned, many people like the series. And there are good reasons for that. The compelling plot, action-packed visuals, CGI, you name it. Critics claim that the series has magnificent and exceedingly bright pictures, as well as a few hilarious narration moments. The references to other anime projects are rather sweet.
Though the series is originally an intellectual thriller by genre, No Game No Life embraces all anime types. So every viewer will surely find something that can attract him or her.
No Game No Life Season 2 Cast

Will the renewal be announced down the road?

Based on a popular ranobe, the series is on the bubble now. Although, a considerable amount of time has passed since the debut of the first installment.
So there is nothing concrete to say about Nogemu Noraifu season 2 release date so far.  Even the slightest hints at the possibility of the renewal of the story have not leaked through. Stay tuned for any changes of the situation.

Update: No Game No Life Season 2 Release Date

Sometimes, it’s just no possible to reveal a release date. Not because we want to keep it a secret but because someone else does. Yes, we’re talking about the producers.
But no matter how much they try, it not possible for them to hide all the telltale signs that would hint that the release date finally approaches. People can make conclusions. And that’s how we know that the second season is very likely to come out this year, in 2017.


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