No Game No Life (Nogemu Noraifu) season 2 Release Date

No Game No Life (Nogemu Noraifu) season 2 Release Date


There are 12 episodes in the first season of No Game No Life. It appeared in April 2014 and became insanely popular in Japan and all around the world. The animation was also aired in France, in the USA and in Spain. The plot is fresh, up-to-date, incredibly interesting and adventurous. The bright graphics is quite unusual. The story itself is filled with nice humor and eccentricity. The series can be even characterized as an intellectual thriller – and it is really good at it.


There is a Japanese and the English version of the animated series. Meet Sora (voiced by Yoshitsugu Matsuoka and Scott Gibbs), Shiro (voiced by Ai Kayano and Caitlynn French), Stephanie Dola, Jibril, Kurami Zell, Fil Nilvalen, Tet, Ino Hatsuse, Izuna Hatsuse, Priestess and Foolish King. There is a guest star in the cartoon – it’s Queen (voiced by Risa Taneda and Molly Searcy).


Sora (eighteen years old) and Shiro (eleven years old) are step-siblings. They are also hermits and sociopaths. They cannot be without each other for one simple reason – they cannot normally communicate with the other people. Building social connection for them is a very difficult task. They live in a virtual world and get addicted to game life. Soro and Shiro can defeat anyone in the cyber game world. No one has enough power and experience to beat him or her. All conflicts and misunderstandings in this virtual reality are resolved through games and battling. The characters of this anime find themselves right in the middle of virtual game reality. Tet dragged them there (he is a god coming from another reality). The brother and the sister entertain him by fighting for his throne and playing for the main prize – the throne of the humans. While playing, they managed to find allies with the help of their loyalty and other personal qualities revealing in the course of the games they pass through.

No Game No Life has unusually colorful graphics. For some people, it’s even too colorful. But it’s normal in the virtual world of 16 races. Races, that have to compete against each other in the world of virtual reality and cruel video games.


Most part of fans will certainly like the idea of references to already famous anime shows. There will be some elements of parody for the  important scenes and episodes from those series. Additionally, No Game No Life somehow manages to mix all anime genres in one perfect animated show. Every viewer will definitely find something to enjoy.

The producers keep silent about their plans for the future and say nothing about the renewal or cancelation of the show. Maybe we will get some new episodes in spring 2016. Unfortunately, no official news can be found in the net. 

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