Nanatsu no Taizai Season 2

An exciting, romantic, and magic story about fantastical knights is going to gladden its fans in 2016. However, the producers keep the exact release date in secret.

Brief outline

Nanatsu no Taizai is the Japanese manga written and illustrated by Suzuki Nakaba. The publisher turns to be the magazine under the title “Weekly Shonen Magazine”. By July 2015 the manga includes 16 books. The production studio A-1 Pictures serialized the manga into 24-episode anime. The premiere was set on October 5, 2014. The classical fantasy was a perfect success due its exciting plot of a fairytale with knights, dragons, and princesses though the graphics left much to be desired.

What about the plot?

The place of events is the alternative medieval Britain. The main heroes turn to be seven knights. Each of them presents one of the mortal sins and has its own story. The fantastic universe is based on the folklore of ancient Britons, the Celtic tribes that are considered to be the natives in Britain as well as on the legends about the King Arthur.
Ten years before the principal events of the story a great fatality collapses the kingdom Lioness. The unknown people break into the capital and kill almost all Holy Knights. Seven Deadly Sins are declared to be guilty. They turn to be driven out of the kingdom.
In the narration period the palace revolution takes place. The Holy Knights seize the power and put the royal family into the jail. The princess Elizabeth managed to escape. She made up her mind to set out on a search for the Seven Deadly Sins who in her opinion can help to rescue the royal family and the whole Lioness from the tyranny of the Holy Knights.
Trying to hide from the Holy Knights who were chasing her, by chance she meets the leader of the Seven Deadly Sins Meliodas, the sin of anger, in one of the taverns.His symbol is dragon. In the battle he is deathful when he turns on the feeling of anger. In a bout of anger his eyes turns black and different dark patters appear on his body. Meliodas subscribes to help Elizabeth to find the remaining Deadly Sins knights. He decides to take care about Elizabeth as she reminds him his lover who unfortunately died.
The story presents to be very interesting to follow, as it turns out that the plot is not as open and clear as it has been expected. A large amount of secrets are being revealed as the events are rolling out. For example, Elizabeth turns to be not a real daughter to the king; she is the descendant of the Druids. And here the question will appear in the viewers’ mind: why did the king declare her a princess of the kingdom? Moreover, Meliodas can be a demon. What can it lead to?

Is the second season to come out?

The manga is still being published that’s why the supposition can be made that the sequel is going to come and please the fans of the series. Nanatsu no Taizai season 2 release date is 2016. There is no information about the month and the day of the launch. It is also unknown how many episode the second season will involve.

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