Musaigen no Phantom World Season 2

A dangerous virus has penetrated into the brains of all humans making them see the ghosts and cats do. People, however, have adapted to such new realities giving birth to a new generation that is capable of fighting with the phantoms. This story needs the continuation, as you see. So, let’s wait for the announcement of the second part.

Creative team and first premiere

The ideas of this series have taken the shape of the whole story due to the employees from the studio called Kyoto Animation. The creative team involves specifically such names as Tatsuya Ishihara performing the directorial duties, Kazumi Ikeda serving as a designer for characters and lead animator, and Fumihiko Shimo, the screenwriter known for working on the anime series The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.
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The team is, thus, an experienced one which collaboration turned to be successful enough after the release of this series in winter 2016. It was included in the top list of the most exciting anime adaptations for the period of 2016.

Plot summary

The story has its prehistory. Before the events of the story start unfolding, specifically a decade ago, an explosion in one laboratory in which human brains had been studied took place. That entailed a certain virus being distributed quickly in the atmosphere of our Earth.
As a result, all people turn to be infected that lead them to seeing the phantoms and ghosts as some animals do. So another world has opened in front of humans.
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People, however, have adapted to such new realities rather fast giving birth to a new generation that is capable of fighting with the phantoms.
The case is such that not all these ghosts are on the evil side. Only some of them make lives of people unbearable.
In order to weed out all those evil phantoms, the students of one high school arrange special teams for hunting. In such a way, they earn money to pay for their education.
These courageous students are named Haruhiko Ichizo and Mei Kawakami. Later they are joined by Reina Izumi and Koito Minashi. At first, they take this business as something of a reality game but then they catch themselves thinking that the world of phantoms is more dangerous that they could imagine. Nevertheless, there is no way out. They should move further in order to protect the human residents of our planet.
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Reception and renewal predictions

As all of us have expected it, this series has turned to be a usual reflection of the brilliant talents of the members of the creative team. The artwork, as well as the very plot and characters, are well-developed with much prudence put into showing details.
Thus, the series is much promising. According to some predictions, the launch of the second chapter can happen in the next fall. But so far there is no official confirmation, as well as the Musaigen no Phantom World season 2 release date available for us. So, keep abreast of the situation with our service.


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