Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku Season 2

In the Mikagura Academy, you should fight for your place there being referred to a certain club. Other battles among these clubs are so far to be renewed by the production studio Doga Kobo. So let’s keep on waiting for the official news.

Brief review

A typical story about school life though being packed with action and a large number of magic battles is introduced in a new anime show under the title “Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku”.
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The series premiere was held in the previous April and since then there has been no news from developers. The release was set in Japan surely and also internationally. The broadcast in Japan was a matter of concern to AT-X and Tokyo MX. The airing around the globe was due to AnimeLab  in Australia and New Zealand, FUNimation Entertainment  in the USA, and Viewster in Europe.

Plot summary

The events of this story are taking place in the Mikagura Academy. The students living there should struggle for their comfortable existence there as they are divided into certain clubs. These clubs have special ranks on which the supplying of food and living condition hinge in particular.
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How this rank is achieved, you can ask. The thing is that the Academy makes benefit from a club’s activities. So the rank is obtained in fights. Each time clubs are choosing the strongest ones to fight with others nominated from clubs.
And now getting closer to the very core of the story. Eruna Itinomiya is a rather light-minded girl, involved in simulations of the "yuri" genre.
She enters the Academy as it proposes beautiful school uniforms being charmed by the girl on the Academy’s print advertisement who is reckoned to be the granddaughter of the founder of the Academy.
So having been admitted there, the main heroine starts realizing that her troubles are only at the new stage: since the careless girl cannot choose a club, she has to eat very little, sleep in a sleeping bag in the hallway. She turns to be given only a couple of minutes to take the shower.
The situation promises to get better when she is acquainted with the girl of her dreams – the granddaughter of the founder of the Academy. This girl takes Eruna to her club. But everyone should pay for their comfortable place and she must struggle now in the fights about which we have spoken before.

A typical magic school comedy

The series cannot be referred to a hit school comedy. It is rather a typical one that produces, nevertheless, a promising effect on the audience and critics. The humor is perceived as something straightforward yet cute and amusing. The fights are depicted very much realistically with the main characters being developed in a proper way.
Though the series success is something of an average type, there are nevertheless some hopes that the resumption will take place sometime in the future. But so far there is no official confirmation as well as the Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku season 2 release date. So check back with us in the case of any changes in the situation.



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