Mayoiga Season 2

Anime TV series produced by Diomed?a The director of the project is Tsutomu Mizushima. The author of the original script is Mari Okada. The design of the characters belongs to Naomi Ide and theme music with official soundtracks was composed by Masaru Yokoyama. The series started on the 1st of April, 2016. Mayoiga is literally translated into English as "Illusion House". That’s a part of folklore in Japanese culture.


The storyline centers our attention on a group of young people. They are 30 young men and women travelling by bus to Nanaki Village. That’s a strange and mysterious place surrounded by shadowy legends. It’s considered to be an utopia and one of the most popular urban legends. All of these people are travelling in order to get a fresh start for the new life. They arrive at the point of their destination realizing, that the place actually exists with no people living in it. Everything that used to live some time ago was slowly deteriorating. Now all of these people are going to slowly get down to the bottom of real truth about this legendary place.
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  1. Mitsumune – an optimistic boy running away from his abusive mother. Afraid of girls and falling in love, because he knows that he’s easily manipulated. His brother died in an accident and he had to change his name helping his psychopathic mom to recover. Wants to reveal his real personality.
  2. Masaki – An enigmatic girl with an imaginary friend in her mind nicknamed "Reiji". Started doubting herself when understood she was the only one who could see Reiji. Goes to Nanaki Village to make her invisible friend real. IN the course of the series, she starts dating with Mitsumune.
  3. Hayato- Best friend of Mitsumune – calm and pragmatic. Joined the tour to prove that Nanaki Village exists.
  4. Koharun – A woman studying folklore and mythology. That’s why she decided to get to the village with the others.
  5. Valkana – A stubborn and aggressive man trying to escape his former life. Tries to be the leader.
  6. Lion – An enigmatic girl in a yellow hoodie. If someone is going to die, she can see it. Her mom used this gift to earn money for that.
  7. Lovepon – Obsessed with execution coming from her troublesome and traumatic childhood.
  8. Maimai – A betrayed girl looking for a new start in life.
  9. Nanko – a well-known crime investigator.
  10. Jack – Another enigmatic boy with a terribly violent childhood.
  11. Yura Mikage – Joined the tour to leave his miserable life and wrecked career.
  12. Hy?ketsu no Judgeness – A man trying to produce false impression on the group.
  13. Nyanta – She’s fond of guns and extremely afraid of insects.
  14. Manbe – Pii-tan’s fianc?e.
  15. Yottsun- An unsuccessful rapper.
  16. Yamauchi – Joined the tour searching for carefree life.
  17. Wanko – A boy with poor health.
  18. Y?na – A feminist.
  19. Y?ne.
  20. Y?no.
  21. Pii-tan – Fianc?e of Manbe.
  22. Soy Latte – A former nurse.
  23. Nettaiya – Joined the tour to leave a stubborn stalker behind. Very flirty and carefree.
  24. Naana – Looking for a better environment to live.
  25. Dahara – She’s the one trying to sustain peace in the company of people. Although, she went to the village for a specific reason.
  26. Toshi Boy – unsure about his personality.
  27. P?ko – A girl in search of love relationships.
  28. Jigoku no G?ka – A pragmatic survivalist.
  29. Dozaemon – A big eater.
  30. Toriyasu – A businessman with massive debts.

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Release Date

Mayoiga TV series started airing on the 1st of April 2016 and finished on the 18th of June. It’s early to make any predictions or suppositions, but WOWOW Prime, TBS and other channels hasn’t shared ant plans on the cancellation of the project. The show is still popular and a spin-off novel planned for the 17th of August this year proves it.


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