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A great number of anime fans are wondering about the fate of Maken-ki! Will there be a new season? When will it premiere? What does the production company have to say? The situation is very fragile right now, as we all are waiting for the funding issues to be resolved. If the outcome is positive, then we can get ready for some good news.


The early days of Maken-ki!

The first episodes of Maken-ki! were released in back 2012, and for another bunch it took two more years to get the pieces together, which could stick into a complete season. Seasons 1 and 2 were reviewed by the critics quite positively, as well as by ordinary viewers from many different countries. And this is despite the fact that the show lacked significantly in its plot.


Maken-ki! season 2 in question

In fact, season two was in question. One UK Anime Network expert said the chances were too low for it to be released. Among his explanation, one featured frequently – the show had come to the point where it’s really hard to push through and come up with creative ideas.


On the other hand, the fans of Maken-ki! are excited a lot. They are optimistic regarding continuation of the series. There are many of those who are waiting for the new episodes and believe that a third season would be broadcast no matter what. Meanwhile, the fans of Maken-ki! have no complaints, and if there are any, are infuriated by the fact that here has been no decision yet. In any case, you should bear in mind that negative reviews of the second season had a negative impact on the fate of the anime series.

Maken-ki! may be released not earlier than in 2016. Meanwhile, Internet discussions are not stopping. So, all in all, there is a big chance that the show will see its 3rd season.

Stay tuned with our updates on the show.

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