Magic Kaito 1412 Season 2

A-1 Pictures presented a new anime series about villains titled “Magic Kaito 1412” in 2014. Since then, nothing has been heard from the creators of the show, regretfully. So the serial is now on the edge of cancellation.

About the anime newbie

Basing on the eponymous manga written by Gosho Aoyama and published since the late years of the previous century, the series titled as “Magic Kaito 1412” is an anime adaptation created by the talented employees of the famous anime production studio called A-1 Pictures. The franchise now includes twelve specials as well as this discussed anime series.
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Getting closer to the plot

Kaito Kuroba is an orphan now standing in his teens’ years. The thing is that his father was murdered by some strangers. Now about eight years have passed and Kaiot turns to get to know the true nature of his father named Kaito Kid. Once he attempted to get a gem by stealing it which was chased also by the unknown group of people.
The main idea of the story lies in the gem. The purpose of the members of this organization is to become immortal when finding the Pandora Gem, a valuable stone that is to splash tears while the passing of the Volley comet according to the legend. So if to drink these tears, you can obtain immortality. And find a person who would refrain from it now. But as the matter stands it can lead to the changes in the very nature of the human race. Thus this stone should be found by villains from this organization.

The boy gives the vow to prevent these villains from obtaining immortality and takes his father’s name in order to start his search. But where can this so valuable stone be found? His only clues as to the gem’s location as well as its distinctive features are that it is red laying under the full moon and that it is a doublet: a small stone within a greater one.
Thus the main character embarks on stealing priceless gems with strange histories but returns them after every next full moon as they fail to glow red.

As for the commentaries towards the anime show

Though high technology is applied in the creation of practically every anime project, here we are dealing with already old artwork typical of the previous century. Can it be made for some purposes for example to splash some feelings in those who love old stories? Maybe it is specifically the case in point. At least, according to the commentaries from ordinary viewers, their nostalgic heart strings have turned to be positively touched. The writing of the anime adaptation is perceived as something really worth following.
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Can we expect the sequel?

Kaito Kid’s adventurous journeys are always to the viewers’ liking. Therefore, we can expect the release of the sequel sometime in the future. But as the matter stands, the case is that the resumption has not been announced yet. Certainly, nothing can be said now about the Magic Kaito 1412 season 2 release date. Pursuing not to miss an opportunity to watch the series as soon as it is possible, follow the news together with us.


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