Little Witch Academia Season 2

The fact that many viewers liked the new series Little Witch Academia, made in the anime genre, is quite natural, because this show, the first season start of which took place not long ago, can be safely called one of the best of its kind. Here the audience meets and an interesting story, and a successful cast, and cute characters, which are simply impossible not to fall in love with. After the pilot season air date a number of anime lovers do not miss any new episode of the project, as the show is still in progress and running on almost on popular anime channel. It’s maybe too early to mention the second season premiere, and the creators, however, already get many questions from the audience, and these questions are usually connected with when Little Witch Academia is going to be renewed for season 2. Release date of the next part of the program is still unknown as the current season hasn’t ended yet, and the coming of the following season is still shrouded in mystery. If the crew of creators decides to return the series on the screen, the public will definitely know about this.

Authors and Producers

When new season one was first presented on January 9, 2017, all the viewers knew that the whole part would contain 25 episodes. The exact number of episodes of season two is still unknown.
Little Witch Academia Season 2 date release

The creator and director of Little Witch Academia is a Japanese author Yoh Yoshinari, who has been working in cooperation with Michiru Shimada, the person writing the script of the show.

There also people working daily for all the series new episodes to run in time and to be popular among the audience. These people are producers, and among them are worth noting the following ones:

  • Yoshiki Usa;
  • Kimi Suzuki;
  • Yoshihiro Furusawa.

The studio producing this project and responsible for announcing the next season release date is Trigger.
Little Witch Academia Season 2

Brief Review

One day in her childhood, Akko Kagari visited a magic show, where an amazing witch acted as the host. Akko was so impressed with her abilities and talent that after this event she dreamed of becoming the same witch as her idol. Years later, her desire is fulfilled: she enters the famous women’s academy for witches to become one of the best in her work.

The cast performed in the series consists of professional actors voicing the main characters of Little Witch Academia. These actors are:

  • Megumi Han as Atsuko Kagari;
  • Michiyo Murase, presenting Sucy Manbavaran;
  • Yoko Hikasa, acting as Diana Cavendish;
  • Noriko Hidaka, voicing Professor Ursula;
  • Fumiko Orikasa, whose character is Lotte Yanson, and a few others.

Little Witch Academia Season 2

Chances for Renewal and Rating

According to the finale results, the rating of the series shown on IMDB is very high for an anime show (8.4/10). This allows speaking about the popularity of the project among viewers and their interest to this program. The anime has very good chances to be renewed, so that the first season is likely not to be the last one. Stay tuned to follow the schedule of the series and know when season two will air.

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