Kiseijuu Season 2

If you are in the need of an animated fantastical story about extraterrestrials, you are welcome to enjoy the project “Kiseijuu”, the anime series now consisting of only one pack of episodes. So now we are waiting for the verdict about the serial future.

About the anime and its distributors

Presenting to us a manga adaptation, this series titled “Kiseijuu” is reckoned to be a part of the programming list of the Japanese channel titled as NTV. The broadcast was running from October 2014 until March 2015. The English version of the title sounds as “Parasyte”.

Serving as a Madhouse product, the serial turns to be now available on the widely known streaming channel Crunchyroll. The residents of various countries have access to this online resources staying as subscribers.
One more network has also bought a license for broadcasting it. So it is Sentai Filmworks, the online channel that provides the viewers from North America, South America, United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand with the series release.
The British distributor for Kiseijuu turns to be Animatsu Entertainment while in New Zealand the series is at our disposal due to Hanabee.

Plot summary

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The ordinary life of people was disturbed by a tragic event when a meteor shower took place. But that was not just an event forced just by ordinary processes in space. This shower is reckoned to the way for distributing parasites that are able to penetrate into brains of millions of humans. Those infected turn to be under a full control of the extraterrestrial power.
The principal character Shinichi Izumi was fortunate soul as the parasite that had been struggling its way to the boy’s brains failed to penetrate into his head through the ear and tried to do it through his arm. So Shinichi was able to stop this process interrupting it.
This parasite has a name by the way – Migi. It has not achieved its destination, consequently, the boy and the parasite start sharing the body with them being two separate intellects. As the matter stands, they become the heroes whose attempts are directed to murdering all parasites. But in this case, they should conceal their double nature from those people who have not yet been infiltrated.

Reviewing the series

Kiseijuu Season 2 Cast
The story is depicted in such a way that people with a weak nervous system are recommended to keep away from it as it is packed with bloody and rather abominable details. As the matter stands, such methods of portraying are quite explainable. The case is that the series turns to be of a psychological type which conveys the teenager struggle pursuing to survive with the assistance of his parasite, and at the same time not letting him kill other people.
The manga basis of the series keeps appearing. Therewith we can hope for the future revival of the adaptation. As there is no data about the Kiseijuu season 2 release date, be in the swim together with us.


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