Kantai Collection: KanKore Season 2

Another product from Diomed?a, Kantai Collection: KanKore is also a harem comedy where beautiful females are performing the role of weapons. As Juuou Mujin no Fafnir, it was released in January 2015. The situation with the fate is also the same, as the second chapter is a questionable issue. Can these projects be canceled? Or will one of them survive finally?

Anime summary

Harem comedies are not a rare case on the small screen now. The most popular theme is where females are appearing in the shape of weapons. This series is referred to this popular type. Here charming ladies are transferred into Japanese ships from the times of World War II – a rather unexpected approach, don’t it? But is it the thing that can contribute to the series obtaining appraisal among loyal followers of this genre?
Kantai Collection: KanKore Season 2 Poster
The first and so far the latest debut was held in January 2015. The animation studio is called Diomed?a.
What is also important to mention is that this serial is grounded on the online card game. It was released yet amidst spring 2013. It is much probable that the series is a kind of promotion to the game that serves to increase the popularity of the whole franchise.

Plot investigation

If you have watched Melody of Marine Steel, you will say that the plot of the series under discussion reminds fully that of the already known story.
Everything is narrowed to the fleet of ships. The girls are performing the role of the sea vehicles. But here they need no crews on their boards as they are coping with everything on their own. They are the embodiments of the ships of the Imperial Navy.
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Once the militaries of the Japanese army put the bodies of girls on mobile offshore platforms and then sent them to struggle with the mysterious invaders of the oceans.
It presents a curious fact that these ships have actual prototypes in the history of the Japanese fleet.
The shapes of ships in the series remind the figures of females. They are busty ladies serving as aircraft carriers, as well as smaller ones in the shape of submarines and torpedo bombers.
The weapons they carry are real from the Second World War. In the girls’ hands, bullets are turning into armor-piercing projectiles, while arrows – into fighter squadrons.
Kantai Collection: KanKore Season 2 Cast

Chances of renewal: is the series promising?

The naval battles depicted in the first season are not over. Thus, without a certain closure, the series cannot be canceled, as the audience needs continuation. Thus, the revival should take place finally. The question is whether this future is near or not. The predictions were telling to us that the second season would take place in the previous summer. Nevertheless, we are already passing summer 2016 and there is no news about the fate, as well as surely the Kantai Collection: KanKore season 2 release date. Stay tuned, as the announcement of the revival can be around the corner.


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