Kagewani Season 3

Kagewani is an anime TV series released in Japan. The first season released date is the 2nd of October 2015.The release was carried out by Tokyo MX together with BS11. It was presented as a part of an anime TV block named Ultra Super Anime Time. The series was simulcast by Crunchyroll. The plot of the series revolves around strange creatures called cryptids. They unpredictably appear among humans and start to destroy them for no specific reason. Sōsuke Banbam, the scientist, gets closer to the truth about these events with the help of a keyword "Kagewani". Season 2 received the title of Kagewani: Shō. It was released on the 1st of April 2016. Kagewani season 3 release date remains unknown.


The plotline starts revolving around a video blogger attempting to increase his views by faking cryptid sightings. Unfortunately for him and his team, he gets attacked by a true monster. His team is slaughtered. The only thing they can still do is to survive at the territory of their own school.
More attacks from the unknown creatures are coming. Sousuke Banba, a researcher is tasked to delve into this mystery. The only thing he can use as a start is a keyword "Kagewani". It can lead him to certain places of attacks giving him a chance to somehow interact with the monsters. He’s willing to eradicate them for good. One more trouble makes the situation more distressing – pharmaceutical companies are planning to steal the results of Sousuke’s investigation.

Viewers’ Opinion

Kagewani Season 3
The viewers agree that the show has no pioneering ideas. However, most of them think that Kagewani is a pretty decent way to pass time. That’s a sort of tales presented as an anthology. Sousuke Banba, the main character deals with the investigation of mysterious monsters slowly populating the planet. That’s not just a fantasy story, but a story of Banba and his past.
The art-style is quite uncommon – that’s a puppeteer collage helping to create a new suspense layer. This anime serves as a breath of fresh air. It’s far from classics, but it’s attractive due to its unique style and animation. The viewers also liked the design of the monsters combining traits of Japanese folklore, and European fairy tales. This non-distinct look also adds a bit of freshness to the show.

3rd Season Air Date

There’s no information about the future of Kagewani in its third installment, but it looks like the show is still on and you will be notified when more facts and hints appear in the official media. Get to IMDb for more information on the cast and user reviews. Stay tuned not to miss another new episode and third season release date!


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