Juuou Mujin no Fafnir Season 2

Diomed?a and its professional team of animators presented a new anime series under the title ‘Juuou Mujin no Fafnir’ at the very start of 2015. A typical harem comedy, the adaptation serves to show us the fantastical world of dragons. The renewal is still questionable. Therefore, keep abreast of the situation together with us.

Brief review

Before submerging into the plot, let’s say some words about the production team and the time of the first and so far the latest release as updates are not so far near in coming.
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The anime series under the title “Juuou Mujin no Fafnir” is another addition to the collection of products of the Diomed?a animation studio. The release of the first episodes was held in the previous January. More than a year has passed since the premiere but the developers are still tight-lipped about its fate.
As for the genre of the anime series, it is referred to a harem comedy packed with ecchi and fan service.

Submerging fully into the narrative

The world of humans is at risk of being destroyed completely, as the invasion of dragons takes place. These dragons are fierce but the case is that only girls are capable of fighting with them. This fact cannot be explained but should be only taken for granted. Only female creatures have the power to kill the dragons.
As you have already guessed, there always an exception to the rule that can be found. This exception is the boy named Yu Mononobe. He is the only one representative of the male part of the human race who has born with the power to kill the dragons. There in the series of a harem type, he serves as the main character surrounded by the variety of beautiful girls who assist him in struggling.
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Specifically, he moved to the women’s academy Skyrim in order to study the course of how to kill dragons.
The comedy cannot do without awkward situations that are happening constantly to the main characters. One of them in the series takes place when he walks in and finds one of his classmates being completely naked. It is obvious that he will run into such situations repeatedly as this is an immediate feature of the genre.

How was it received?

The series is referred to the genre of harem comedy but nothing special has been found there by ordinary viewers, unfortunately. But can we possibly find something sophisticated in other anime series of such a type? We consider it a hard task to perform and thus can conclude that the series is still worth its resumption.

Renewal predictions and suppositions concerning the next launch timeframe

According to predictions, the series’ second chapter could have appeared in the preceding July. But the fact was that we were unlucky at that period of time as the resumption had not been made and the Juuou Mujin no Fafnir season 2 release date was not announced.
Do not hang down your head, nevertheless, as the chance of the renewal is still great. Just stay tuned in the case of the near appearance of any kind of info.



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