Junjou Romantica Season 4

Are the developers going to leave the loyal followers of the anime series “Junjou Romantica” in the cold, keeping them in tension without even mentioning a possible resumption? Let’s discuss this issue now and hope that it is not so.

Embracing the show anime series

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Inappropriate for some people, the anime show under the title “Junjou Romantica” is a narrative of a big and pure homosexual love. But you shouldn’t be afraid of watching this series as there is nothing vulgar indeed. It is a sweet romantic story about three loving pairs.
The project is rather young with the first installment aired since the summer middle in 2015 on such cable channels as Tokyo MX, Mie TV, Nippon BS Broadcasting Corporation, and many others.
As for airing in other countries, the series is broadcast by Docomo Anime Store and FUNimation Entertainment.

With the immediate regard to the plot

The characters are presented here by three couples, including a self-centered yet talented writer, Akihiko Usami and a student named Misaki Takahashi, professor Yo Miyagi and a student, Shinobu Takatsugi, who is a child of a faculty member, where his beloved is working. The third couple is another professor Hiroki Kamize and a doctor named Novaki Kusama.
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In fact, it is a sequel to one story. If we describe the plot in general, it is a narrative of the routine life of people who attempt to build relationships. Each hero of the story is unique in his temper. That’s why very often misunderstandings and rapid reconciliations take place in their lives.

Feedback received

As for the acceptance of this show, there is nothing too indecent there, though with the unusual one-sex couples serving as the main characters. The show was accepted as something kind and nice made to describe the warm feeling of love. The manga, on which the series is based, is not finished. It keeps appearing at regular intervals. So there should be no doubt that the anime adaptation is also to stick around on the channels. But the situation is rather sad.

What is about the renewal?

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Taking into account that there has been no official announcement of the revival, the series is next door to cancellation. But let’s hope for better news to come and keep our fingers crossed. Perhaps, a favorable decision will yet come from the creators of the anime.
We can now only guess that the new season could appear in this summer. But it has already come and is passing over.
So what is the fate of the anime project? Will a new episode appear after such a long break, counting in several years? Or are the fans to be content only with the available 12 episodes?
But it doesn’t matter what direction the fate is going to follow. We should be in the swim in case the developers choose the way of revival and determine the Junjou Romantica season 4 release date.

Update: Junjou Romantica Season 4 Status Update

To not hurry is the best practice when to comes to announcing releases. Although some people expected the fourth season to come out in summer 2016, the reality proved them otherwise.  We weren’t among them.
Still, that’s hardly a good news. After all, that means a new season has not come out and might not come out in the near future. The only good news about that is that the series’s renewal is a fact. All we have to do is to wait. The question is, how long?
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