Himouto! Umaru-chan Season 2

Watching this series, you won’t be unfazed thanks to the compelling plot. But the release of the first season was the last event in the history of the project. The series is now on the fence, without the official statement about its future.

About the project

The new anime series’s premiere debuted on such high-rated channels as AT-X, Nippon BS Broadcasting Corporation, and Tokyo MX in summer 2015. It was also available on four internet-channels. Bandai Channel, Docomo Anime Store, GyaO!, and Niconico. A comedy by genre, Himouto! Umaru-chan is also part of the series list on Crunchyroll. As of now, the serial only has one circle of episodes.
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The plot is based on the famous manga by Sankaku Head, created back in 2013. The franchise also includes this particular anime adaptation as well as a video game launched for the PlayStation Vita.
This series is produced by Doga Kobo with the voicing cast having Aimi Tanaka as Umaru.
The directory skills of Masahiko Ohta proved useful for the series. The script was a concern of Takashi Aoshima. And the character design was performed Aya Takano, while the sound was Yasunori Ebina’ task.

An inquisitive glance at the plot

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Those anime fans who have already seen this series now understand that the project is compelling enough.  First and foremost, this story revolves around students in a high school. The main characters of the story are a brother and a sister, named Taihei and Umaru respectively.
The narration is given in first person, by the older brother, who is living in the same house as his sister. But the key of the story is that the sister has a dual persona. In school, she is an assiduous student with manners of a true lady, at home, she becomes a lazy being, a chronic gamer. His brother is trying the expose the true nature of his sister.

Is the anime to the audience’s liking?

Such a type of comedy has always been dear to the anime fans’ hearts. That’s why there was no wondering why the series had received such a high success level in the ratings.
Himouto! Umaru-chan Season 2 Cast
But a perfect result is not a guarantee that the series will be renewed for another chapter. Though chances still exist and we should not overlook them believing a resumption is impossible.
The second premiere was supposed to be held this past winter. Summer has already passed, but the news is not yet here. The developers are waiting for something, but what is this ‘something’?
In any case, the Himouto! Umaru-chan season 2 release date remains so far somewhere in the air. And we have nothing to do but to wait for an official announcement. So be in the swim following our service, and you won’t miss any piece of important info.

Update: Himouto! Umaru-chan Season 2 Release Date

What can be better than delivering news about a series’s release date? Unfortunately, we cannot do that this one time. Despite how much time has passed, the release date of Himouto! Umaru-chan Season 2 remains a mystery. Moreover, with how long we have waited for the project to continue, we now have every reason to question the very feasibility of a new season’s release.
We can’t lose hope, however. It is not impossible that the project will yet be renewed. If you subscribe to us, you will be among the first to find out the release date, should it eventually come out.



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