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High School of the Dead


It’s a Japanese manga series created by Daisuke Sat? and Sh?ji Sat?. The series were published and presented by Fujimi Shobo’s magazine “Monthly Dragon Age” from September 2006 to March 2013. The comic series was translated in English in January 25, 2011.

The TV adaption consists of 12 episodes. It appeared on Japanese TV in July 5, 2010 and finished in September 20, 2010. Madhouse – the producing company created the unique video animation. Sentai Filmworks created the English dub for the DVD version of the anime and for the Blu-ray version in North America.


The English dub version: Takashi Komuro voiced by Leraldo Anzaldua, Rei Miyamoto voised by Jessica Boone, Saeko Busujima voiced by Taylor Hannah, Saya Takagi voiced by Maggie Flecknoe, Kota Hirano voiced by Mark X Laskowski, Shizuka Marikawa voiced by Monica Rial and Arisu Maresato voised by Brittney Karbowski.


The story takes place in the time of zombie apocalypse. This is Japan in present stuck in a deadly pandemic that makes human beings zombies.

The plotline follows the day-to-day life of school students in their everyday struggle to survive in this worldwide catastrophe. The catastrophe itself is called here the “Outbreak”. Zombies is not the only problem – the second one is the society filled with potentially dangerous fellow survivors who has no moral issues or sympathy towards each other. The decay has spread all over the world, including the minds of the living humans.

The main characters of the animation have to deal with the corrupt teacher in a town that is supposed to be a safe area. They look inside the houses and look for those who survived. They managed to find a dog and make it everybody’s pet. All together, they are trying to get to the local elementary school considering it to be the safest place in town.


The show was cancelled in China due to violence and rude sexual content in the story. The Chinese Ministry of Culture reported that the show is “borderline-pornographic”.

In North America, the series almost got to the top of The New York Times best manga animations list. 

The closing songs differ in each episode of the show. All the closing songs are sung by Maon Kurosaki. There’s an OST CD for the “High School of the Dead” released in August 2010. There are 12 closing themes on it plus the original soundtrack of the show. There is also an instrumental version of the main OST.

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