Haikyuu Season 3

The third pack of the anime series “Haikyuu!!” is not only in the cards but also a confirmed one as its debut is slated for this upcoming autumn. So let’s keep looking forward to the announcement of the precise launch date.

Brief review

Basing on the eponymous manga written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate, the series referred to as “Haikyuu!!” is another child of the anime-oriented studio called Production I.G.
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The debut of the first installment has been held two years ago while the second one premiered in the previous year in particular in fall. Now the series has two circles of episodes under its belt with each including 12 full parts.

Plot summary

The series comes to revolve around a volleyball team members as they are training and lead their lives as true guys who can fall in love with girls. So the story is not only about sports. Romantic speckles give us an opportunity to enjoy a light-hearted anime created in the best way. Though the appearance of a girl in this anime is unavoidable, the story focuses nevertheless on the boys training as well as competitions in which they take part sometimes winning them and in other cases being defeated. But every loss turns to be some kind of motivation to them.

Reception and the supposed future of the project

A watcher’s heart is now difficult to win over as the audience now is much pampered by the variety of projects. But this series has managed to accomplish this task.
Middling and trite characters are not peculiar for the series, as the very heroes come to be dear to taste to everyone as well as the relationship they build up with their teammates and competitors.
So the drama comes to be an integral part of the narrative that makes an exciting project from an ordinary anime about sports.
All trials and tribulations, as well as successes of the volleyball players, are surely worth watching it. This fact is not debatable. So the ordinary viewers, as well as critics, are now sitting with the fingers crossed in favor of the possible resumption of the third season.

Following latest installments

Haikyuu Season 3 Cast
As the latest news is informing us, we are dealing with series revival for the third season. The period for launching it also defined – autumn 2016. Surely, it is not spring as it has been supposed but it is not the reason to become upset as we are going to follow new victories of our volleyball players already this year. But regretfully, the Haikyuu!! season 3 release date remains flying in the air so far.
Some plot details, however, have been exposed. For instance, the action will start with a match between the Karasuno High School team and their rivals from the Shirotizawa Academy, the point on which the latest season has been brought to the end.
So let’s keep longing for this year premiere. The precise launch date can be expected to become clear getting closer to the end of this summer. So stay tuned as summer has already come.



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