Hai to Gensou no Grimgar Season 2

This survival anime show is now so popular that A-1 Pictures studio might launch a new season. Still. the series’s premiere was held very long ago. So far, there has been no news regarding its revival.

Basic info about the anime

The most demanded animes of today include stories with characters trying to find their place in a strange new world full of danger. Anime lovers surely pay a lot of attention to them.
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A-1 Pictures and their producers created a story of that type to meet the current requirements of the audience. To ensure that, this unique story is full of action and suspense.
While the story is unique, but it is still very close to survival stories. And their own plots remind us of that of Hai to Gensou no Grimgar, by the way. What about the anime’s peculiarities, then? Does it not have any? Sure does.
At first, it reminds us of a typical anime series about gamers. Gamers who get involved in a role-playing fantasy game. But as the heroes keep investigating the fantasy world, it looks less and less of a mere game.

Getting into plot particulars

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The main characters of this story are Haruhiro and his five friends. One day, they find themselves in a dark world full of dwellers that are not really friendly to strangers. They struggle to find their place under the sun in this new world as it seems like there is no way back home.
The new world, although beautiful, is far from warm and welcoming. Strong people earn their living by weeding out the city from monsters, including goblins.
There is no way out for our heroes other than to form a team and embark on this business. Regrettably, their attempts fail every time. As they have no option to surrender, each of them enters a guild on their own. They go through a special training course and only then start making a fortune. With that problem solved, they now can start unraveling the mystery of how they have ended up in this world.

What is the next installment?

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The anime series has many things worth praise. For instance, the artwork by Kaneko Hidetoshi, whom we know by his work on Terror in Resonance. The picture is so realistic that one can’t help but enjoy it. All backgrounds, landscapes, as well as interiors, are drawn with much prudence.
Apart from the artwork, we can also note the pastel colors, the excellent character design, and the plot.
With viewers enthralled as they are, the continuation of the story becomes inevitable. But as the matter stands, there is no news from the producers of the A-1 Pictures regarding the resumption of the second installment.
However, it is highly probable that the second chapter will take place sometime in the future. As the current predictions go, the premiere might be held in spring 2017. Let’s hope that these speculations will come true. But as of now, there is no Hai to Gens? no Gurimugaru season 2 release date available. Make sure to subscribe and follow the installments as well as our posts on Facebook and Twitter in the event of an early renewal.

Update: Hai to Gensou no Grimgar Season 2

Today, we have the pleasure of delivering you some of the best news one can deliver. Remember that we expected the new season to come out this spring? Well, this is no longer the case. How’s that a great news? Why, the release date might be shifted closer to February. Although that is not a certainty. In fact, it is only a rumor. So, while we should be prepared for a release, we should also be ready for the opposite, a termination, that is.


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