Gyakuten Saiban Season 2

Being known for its compelling anime stories, the A-1 Pictures studio is now to decide whether the project under the title “Gyakuten Saiban” is worth further production or not. But this decision cannot be made so far as there is no concrete final data about the ratings of the anime show which is now on the run since this past April.

Regarding the whole project

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This particular anime comes to be developed by the universally acknowledged company referred to as A-1 Pictures. The whole story reposes on the narrative presented in the Capcom simulator game under the same title as anime.
With the debut being set at the very start of this April, the series is now on the run with about 10 episodes being available for viewing on various online resources.

Getting closer to the narrative

The principal hero of the story comes to be named Ryuichi Naruhodo. He begins to dream of becoming a lawyer. The reason for that is the actions of his classmate who has managed to prove his innocence at school. So our character is to embark on preventing the innocent from being wrongfully punished.
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Being overwhelmingly intelligent, this guy is lacking in practical skills which only constant practice can provide him with. The prosecution is also always presented by the most experienced dab hands at the law matters, so Ryuichi takes over each case as if he starts a true battle, and that is no considered to be an exaggeration.
Every trial turns to include “magical” blows both from prosecution and defense sides, as well as even coming from the judge and witnesses participating in such a way also in the so-called “battles”.
This story is reckoned to be a light parody which depicts the court system. The absurd and simplification of the process of finding evidence of the criminal’s guilt are typical for stories in such a court system parody genre.

As for the concrete advantages of the series

The series seems to gain its traction right from the start of its broadcast that is counted as a sweeping victory. So the story comes to be swallowed by the audience that expected to feel anticipation about the release of the sophomore installment. But everything is not considered to be so rose-colored.
The series should be scolded for its average graphics and a large number of static scenes being present there though the active utilization of 3D animation for the superimposition of the backgrounds and interiors is peculiar for the anime.
The design of characters is old-fashioned which cannot be to the Western watchers liking surely. That’s why this anime series is dear to taste mainly of the Japanese viewers.
With all these negative aspects, the series still has some potential of being renewed for the second installment. But as so far we are not in possession of information regarding the immediate feasibility of the resumption as well as the Gyakuten Saiban season 2 release date, we should be in the swim in order to notify you timely about any details becoming known.


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