Grisaia no Rakuen Season 2

The previous spring printed on the minds of anime fans due to the appearing of the story about Mihama Academy. Since then the silence has been kept by the producers from 8-Bit, the production studio of this anime series. Therefore, let’s revise this detention in the release of the second installment.

About the anime show

Grisaia no Rakuen is the original title for “The Eden of Grisaia”, the continuation of the story “The Labyrinth of Grisaia” shown as the special with the duration equaling the entire hour a month before the official release of this given series in April 2015. This franchise also includes The Fruit of Grisaia aired in 2014.
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The series broadcast was made possible due to such Japanese channels as AT-X, KBS Kyoto, and Tokyo MX. The American and Canadian airing were performed by the Crunchyroll giant network.
The DVD version of the anime series appeared thanks to Sentai Filmworks, the company that has bought the license for it.

Plot summary

If to be brief enough, the story can be described as an adventure of students of the Mihama Academy, as well as of their relentless bodyguard. And now let’s plunge into particulars as the situation needs it.
Yuudzi Kadzami and his sister named Kazuma Kadzami are the central heroes of this story. Yuudzi has managed to find his life goal after obtaining a mentor.
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But the tragic thing is that it is impossible to forget him working with Oslo. That was a turning point in his life that made him join the anti-terrorist team. However, one thing has been left for him to reveal. That thing is a secret of the main character’s sister.

Reviewing the show

The graphical aspect of the story can be highly evaluated as well as the artwork of the previous projects from the franchise which we have mentioned above.
Speaking in particulars, we should underline the marvelously developed backgrounds, as well as the designs of characters. Much attention was given to details.
The intensified drama is also contributing to the story being perceived as something actually fantastic. The global appraisal is thus the thing that can be said about this project with much excitements in the plot.
Grisaia no Rakuen Season 2 Cast

Chances of renewal

The chances that the series can be revived for the second installment are small since the first season comprises all events of the game which is reckoned to be the ground for the series plot.
The only one chance lies in the Frontwing Company developing the sequel to the game and thus creating the basis for the continuation of this anime series. Even if it happens, the creation of the series will take much time in fact. That’s why we should not be under the illusion now that the Grisaia no Rakuen season 2 release date will appear in this or the next year. We should only arm ourselves with patience and wait at least for some news to come off sometime in future. In any case, let’s keep abreast of the situation if the affairs take the changing form.


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