Glitter Force Season 2

The giant network Netflix has not yet decided the fate of the anime titled “Glitter Force”. Let’s hold out hope that this presents nothing but a matter of time as the watchers of the given anime have already felt anticipation about the appearance of the continuation of the story.

What should know about the Japanese project?

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Glitter Force makes for the Japanese anime fabricated by Toei Animation that became accessible as far back as in 2012 in its original version. Unfortunately, it took practically three years to make an English variant of this anime that is now available on Netflix. So if you are interested in it, do not lose time and embark on watching this series.
At a present moment, the viewers have 20 full episodes of the animated show at hand which was brought to the network in the middle of December of the preceding year.
We should thank the girl group Blush for the brilliant musical aspect with which they have provided us in the anime. Originally, the serial is reckoned to be an immediate part of the franchise titled “Pretty Cure” that presents nothing but a breakthrough in the world of Japanese anime. The aforementioned franchise is by the way made of 500 episodes that are considered to be the parts of various anime projects. This very show in its Japanese version includes 48 episodes while only 40 of them are dubbed.
The voice cast of the English version of the anime is composed of such performers as Laura Bailey, Colleen O’Shaughnessey, Kate Higgins, Danielle Nicole, Alex Cazares and Debi Derryberry.
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Narrative details

The story enlarges upon a life of five young ladies named Emily (Glitter Lucky), Kelsey (Glitter Sunny), Lily (Glitter Peace), April (Glitter Spring) and Chloe (Glitter Breeze). They inhabit the magnificent country Jubiland. Once they get to know that they are in possession of magical superhuman powers. They turn to be the only protectors of their mother kingdom from the invasion of the powerful villain. All these heroines should unite their strength and show that their friendship is strong enough to defeat the evil enemy.

Ratings of the current season

Known for its abundance of exciting serials of various genres, the giant network Netflix seems now to embark on the distribution of the anime.
The distribution company Saban Brands has provided us with English dubs for this animated serial which was accepted with flying flowers by English-speaking people all over the world. Thus, we have a hope that is should be frustrated that the full franchise will become accessible in English.
Glitter Force Season 2 Cast

Can we wait for the continuation of the story?

So far there are no confirmations or announcements about the renewal of the serial in its English variant. The Glitter Force season 2 release date remains to be unknown much to the regret of the anime fans. So we must be prepared for any changes in the up-to-date situation in order to get an opportunity to watch the upcoming episodes in English as soon as possible.


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