Girls Beyond the Wasteland Season 2

Every new episode of the anime series is based on a romance visual novel with the same title. The production matters were carried out by Project No.9. Takuya Satō dealt with direction matters. The first season release date is the 7th of January 2016. Yuniko Ayana and Takayuki Noguchi created the script and dealt with the screenplay. The characters of the anime are based on the characters created by Matsuryū. The series was released in Blu-ray version together with the original video game for Windows. Sentai Filmworks promoted the show in North America. The Australian version was promoted by Madman Entertainment and the British version was promoted by MVM Films. Girls Beyond the Wasteland season 2 release date is unknown yet, but we will keep you informed about possible changes.

Original Project & Gameplay

Girls Beyond the Wasteland Season 2
Girls Beyond the Wasteland was originally released as a visual novel in the form of a video game. In the game, the player acts as the main character named Buntarō Hōjō. The user mostly reads the dialogues and lots of text. The text is accompanied by commentaries of the main characters on the background. The text in the game is accompanied by character sprites, which represent who Buntarō is talking to, over background art. The plot of the game is branching with numerous characters involved in the storyline. That’s why there are several variants of ending of the game. Each one depends on the decisions made by the player.
Each of the characters in the game has his or her own story making it up to four main storylines. The player picks out various options suggested by the game. The text stops to let the user make a choice. There are also alternative endings of the game.

Voice Cast & Characters

Seiichirō Yamashita shared the voice with Buntarō Hōjō. The nickname of the character is Bunta, the main character of the story. He’s good-intentioned, friendly, and hard-working. He deals with writing scenarios basing his stories on real ones. He does that for a drama club.
Haruka Chisuga portrays the character of Sayuki Kuroda. A shy classmate of Buntarō. She wants Buntarō to write a scenario for a game she’s planning to create. In her game, the world’s a "wasteland" where people have to do things they’re not interested in just to earn for living. Her brother serves as an inspiration for her.

Kana Hanazawa portrays the character of Yūka Kobayakawa. A friend of Buntarō. She’s a wonderful actress and she’s very energetic. Deals with voice direction for the game of Sayuki sharing her own voice with one of the characters. Has a romantic interest in Buntarō.
Satomi Akesaka shares voice with Teruha Andō. The nickname of the character is Akkīna, one more classmate of Buntarō. She’s a web designer and a programmer. She also deals with the script of the upcoming game project. She’s no afraid of experimenting and trying something new, that’s why she always has to fight with the other characters in order to stand for her personal creative ideas.
Satomi Satō shares voice with Uguisu Yūki, the first year student. She deals with art issues of the upcoming game. Her nickname is Tori. She’s timid and always keeps to herself.
Toshiyuki Toyonaga voices Atomu Kai. A friend of Buntarō. Have no talents, but he’s able to motivate the team.

2nd Season Air Date

There’ no relevant information about the future of the project and we can’t say when it will get back to the channel. You’ll be informed if we find out more about Girls Beyond the Wasteland season 2 release date.


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