Garo: The Animation Season 3

Garo: The Animation is an anime series created in Japan. The show bases on Garo tokusatsu drama. The action of the anime series revolves in the past in comparison to the nowadays setting of the live action series. The title of season 1 is Garo: The Carved Seal of Flames. The first season was released in autumn of 2014. Funimation licensed the project for North America. The title of the season 2 is Garo: Crimson Moon. It was released in autumn of 2015. Garo: The Animation season 3 release date hasn’t been announced yet, but the series is still going and the producers are certain about the continuation.


Garo: The Animation Season 3
Every new episode of the first season revolves in a fictional place known as Valiante Kingdom. It looks just like Spain in times of Inquisition. Mendoza persuades the king to start the witch hunt. It puts Makai Knights and Makai Alchemists into danger. One of the Alchemists, Anna, was burnt after giving birth to León Luis. His father is one of the Makai Knights known as Germán Luis. He trains his son to prepare him for the title of Golden Knight Garo.
Valiante Kingdom slowly gets filled with Mendoza’s Horrors. The son of the king named Alfonso is willing to get back to the throne; however, he needs assistance. León gets back to his motherland as a grown up. He meets Alfonso and realizes that they are cousins. They join forces to get rid of Mendoza and his influence in the area.
Garo: The Animation Season 3
The second part of the anime series was named Crimson Moon. The action of it takes place in Japan of Heian period. The main characters are various historical figures of Japan. These are the fictional versions of the characters. This time, the protagonist is named Raikou. He tries hard to get hold of Garo armor himself. He does it with the help and support of his faithful partner named Seimei – she’s one of the Makai Alchemists. Her magic helps the main character to become Garo able to face the Horrors of Heian-kyō. One more character is Kintoki – a young boy willing to become a true Garo following the footsteps of Raikou. The main characters have to face Ashiya Douman – one of the former Makai Alchemists, a fallen one. In few episodes more, the group gets accompanied by Fujiwara no Yasusuke, the one who bears the Zanga armor.

3rd Season Air Date

Second season release date is the 21st of May 2016 by TV Tokyo channel. Good news! Season 3 is announced, but the release date will be scheduled later. The production will be carried out by Garo Project. When more info is available about the third installment of the show, we will notify you.


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