Flying Witch Season 2

Enlarging upon the engrossing experiences of one young and charming witch, the series under the title “Flying Witch” is now on the run and waiting for the verdict of the developers that should be based surely on the rating data received after the final episode of the pioneer installment.

Zeroing in on the anime project as a whole

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About two months have passed since the premiere day of the new anime serial referred to as “Flying Witch”. With supernatural hints in its title, the serial turns to depict the chronicles from the life of a young witch.
Carrying out the fabrication of the serial, the company titled as the J.C.Staff studio has been working on this project painstakingly in order to present the episodes to watchers of the channel Sun TV and other four Japanese networks at the very nick of time specifically on April 5 this year. The airing throughout the world is implemented by the online resource called Crunchyroll.

What is the plot of this newcomer to propose to us?

All events in this story come to center around one witch named Makoto Kowata who is reckoned to be only a teenager. Leaving Tokyo, she sets off on the trip to her relatives who live in one of the Northern prefectures of Japan. At this moment of time, she has already realized that she is in possession of witch powers.
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When finding out her true nature, she is willing to leave studying at school but her parents insist as they consider such a strange profession not serious in fact in terms of finances. But they are no also willing to restrict her from developing her witch skills. So they send her to remote relatives where she could study and be closer to nature that is reckoned to be a source of energy and knowledge for such a supernatural being like her.
What should be also added is that Makoto is not hiding her skills from others. She is sharing her challenges which she has been facing since becoming a witch.
However, the narration given in the serial is not focusing in fact on some supernatural things. The story comes to be on the contrary about the common life of a teenager living in a far town full of friends and everyday problems.

Defining pros and cons

The serial has something to be bashed as well as preconized for. The graphical aspect of the anime is on the high level, there is no even doubting in this fact. But as some critics say, 3D animation presented here is applied here with restraint.
Flying Witch Season 2 Cast
The serial was accepted by common viewers favorably and practically unanimously tickling their fancy with the sweet comedy plot and kind-hearted characters.

Ratings and renewal prospects

As the high rating level suggests, the sophomore chapter of this new anime should take place. So far we turn to be unaware of the Flying Witch season 2 release date as well as of the immediate probability of the revival. But there exist some presumptions and rumors that we are to enjoy a new portion of episodes sometime in the winter 2017.


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