Everything Becomes F: The Perfect Insider Season 2

Detective trend in anime is increasingly being used by the authors of this type of cartoons. Characters of such series are usually highly developed and interesting personalities, whose life which is pleasant to watch. Those projects where the basic ideas are ​​investigations and disclosure of mysterious secrets have been consistently gaining popularity among the audience. As, for example, a series Everything Becomes F: The Perfect Insider, which was presented on Fuji TV channel in 2015 as one season. The show gained popularity thanks to a detective story, and today the public, which is waiting for the next second season release date, more and more often ask this anime authors the same question: when will Everything Becomes F: The Perfect Insider season 2 air on their screens? Release date of the coming show hasn’t been announced yet, but its fans are sure that the creators will do everything for the renewed project to debut and return with a new episode as soon as possible.

Creators and Developers

Everything Becomes F: The Perfect Insider Season 2
The first season premiere was shown on October 8, 2015. That part finished on December 17, 2015 and included 11 episodes. The audience hopes that the new season two will contain episodes, as this figure is not high.
The director of Everything Becomes F: The Perfect Insider is Mamoru Kanbe, a Japanese anime maker. His main colleagues in the process of creating the script are Hiroshi Mori and Toshiya Ono, also Japanese screenwriters. The first one is the author of the novel which is the base of the series.
The studio which is producing the anime is A-1 Pictures, and the channel which is officially responsible for the broadcasting of the show is Fuji TV.

Brief Review

Everything Becomes F: The Perfect Insider Season 2
The main characters of the series are a scientist from the Institute of Engineering named Sōhei Saikawa, and the daughter of his teacher, Moe Nishinosono. These two people are going to a remote island to investigate a mysterious murder of one of the most prominent researchers and founders of artificial intelligence. He was the head of the laboratory, located on this island, and now the two scientists have to figure out the mysterious circumstances of his death.
The actors whose voices are used by the characters of the anime perform the cast of the series:

  • Yasuyuki Kase, presenting Sōhei Saikawa;
  • Ibuki Kido, voicing Shiki Magata;
  • Atsumi Tanezaki, whose character is Moe Nishinosono;
  • Shunsuke Sakuya, presenting Seiji Shindô;
  • Tatsuhisa Suzuki, acting as Yukihiro Yamane and others.

Prospects and Viewers’ Interest

Viewers around the world believe that the second season won’t be the last one. And they have all the chances to believe in the continuation: on IMDB the series has gained a 7.1/10 score, which is not bad. The following season air date will be announced as soon as all the creators come to the same conclusion, so stay tuned not to miss this important moment.



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