Dragon Ball Super Season 2

The new anime named as “Dragon Ball Super” is coming back with its sophomore installment seeming to be already ready to appear on screens as the premiere is expected to break into the cinematic world in about a week specifically on this upcoming June 12.

Regarding producers and backgrounds of the anime

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With the series premiere taking place on Fuji Television Network amidst previous summer, we are dealing with the project that seems to be oriented to its loyal following. The series is expected to be sold to various channels throughout the world including Brazil and the USA.
The production of the serial is the immediate service of the Toei Animation studio which producers flung themselves into creating the continuation of the famous story about the adventure of Son Goku and his friends.
Now on various online resources, the series is available with the amount of episodes constituting 50. Each part lasts for a half an hour.
The voice cast is composed of such actors and actresses as Masako Nozawa, Masakazu Morita, Hiromi Tsuru, Ry? Horikawa, K?ichi Yamadera.

Making summary of the story

The story was intended to reunite the characters of the illustrious franchise featuring the harsh consequences of Goku’s hazardous fight with Majin Buu as he tries to save the fragile peace on our planet.
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The action of the serial begins with the finale of Dragon Ball Z, particularly with Goku’s victory over Bajin Boo, the elder demon.
This victory led to peace starting to reign on Earth. But this fortunate period in the history of our planet has not been destined to last for long. The thing is that Beerus who serves as the God of Destruction is aiming to destroy the planet and Son Goku has to embark on saving the humanity again.

Are there any changes between the old and new series?

Surely, the animation has been changed due to the modern technologies being applied while creating the current anime. But these changes are not notably seen as the characters turn to look the same. The remaining large number of static frames transports the viewers to those times when Dragon Ball Z has been broadcast.
The humor and the storyline have got the same direction as the previous series in fact. So everything is made in order to deliver pleasure to the admirers of the old anime.
Dragon Ball Super Season 2 Cast

Being knowledgeable of the following chapter

As some suppositions and rumors were wandering the space of Internet, we were expecting and holding out great hopes that this anime would be resumed for another run to be released in summer 2016.
And our long waiting was rewarded by the appearance of inspiring news about the revival of story. Moreover, the exact Dragon Ball Super season 2 release date has been revealed also in this so needed announcement coming from the creators. So the launch date is considered to be already June 12, 2016 on Japan television. So check back with us in order to get notified of other interesting details of the series.


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