Donten ni Warau Season 2

Another story about a brave samurai was released in autumn 2014 and garnered a large number of positive responses. The current state of affairs with the series is unknown as it is waiting for the official revival. Therefore, check back with us in order to get to know about it in the future at first hand.

Basic info about the samurai anime

The dramatic past and present of heroes with katanas are portrayed in the anime series “Donten ni Warau” that is now consisting of only one season and waiting for the announcement of its second part. The series was released as far back as in fall 2014. The creation of the project is behind the studio called Doga Kobo.
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The series is based on the eponymous supernatural manga created by Karakara-Kemuri. Its serialization was due to Mag Garden on Monthly Comic Avarus magazine. So this anime adaptation is another addition to the franchise.
Two spinoffs were released then including “Donten ni Warau Gaiden” and “Laughing in Limbo” (Rengoku ni Warau) in 2014. The latter one is a prequel as the action there is set 300 years before Donten ni Warau.
The anime under discussion was broadcasted in North America by Funimation.

Getting you wise of the plot

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There are three brothers, the great warriors. The eldest one exploits a fan to fight, the middle one named Soramaru Kumo can handle two family swords at the same time, which he may not even take out of the sheath. The junior brother has just to assist the other two, as he’s still too young and inexperienced in fighting.
However, everything is not so much simple in this story. The thing is that Meiji Restoration takes place and the prohibition to wear swords is announced. This law was followed by someone while others preferred to rebel. The brothers are the rebellions surely as without swords thier life goal of catching criminals can not be achieved.
So our headhunters are chasing criminals and put them in prison as they should be punished in any case. The trio is also peculiar for their connection to the gods who are helping them to perform their duties.

Reception and renewal possibility

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According to critics, the anime is packed with mysticism and references to folklore. The typical blend of different epochs is also obviously seen here. The characters’ costumes are much attractive, as well the interiors and exteriors with their decorations.
Speaking about the current state of affairs with the anime project, we should notify you that there have not been any changes since the release of the first season. So the revival and the Donten ni Warau season 2 release date is yet to be declared.
Nevertheless, some predictions should be noted. They involve the series continuation possibility after the authors of the manga novel publish the sequel to the story. Only in this case, we will be lucky to follow the new chapter. Stay tuned with us in order to be notified as soon as the inspiring news appears.


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