Dimension W Season 2

In the anime series Dimension W, whose first season successfully ended about a year ago, the authors have approached very carefully to ensure their display of future most realistically and at the same time to comply with its specific concept. Fantastic ideas are often used by the creators of the anime, but in this project the idea is particularly vivid and memorable, so that even during the show broadcasting on any Japanese channel it has gained a lot of popularity among fans of this cartoon genre. That is why today the audience, who eagerly is waiting for the next renewed season, often ask the creators of the project when Dimension W season 2 will be presented. Release date of the new episode of the series is still unknown, and its coming hasn’t been confirmed by its authors yet. But the public hopes the first part is not the last one, and the second season premiere will debut this year.

Production Info

The pilot season air date was set for January 10, 2016, and the last episode was shown on March 27, 2016. The whole season included 12 episodes.
Dimension W Season 2
The main creator of the series is Japanese anime maker Kanta Kamei. He was working with a few screenwriters in order to make a good show – Yuji Iwahara, Jogh Burgmeier, Bonny Clinkenbeard.
The people responsible for the promoting of the project in mass media are professional producers, and among those who are worth mentioning are the following ones:

  • Hitoyasu Oyama;
  • Justin Cook;
  • Ryūji Abe;
  • Norihiko Fujisawa.

The company producing Dimension W is Studio 3Hz, involved in making anime stories; the channels broadcasting the series are KBS, Tokyo MX, SUN and a few others.

Plot Review and Cast

The show takes place in 2072. The world uses a new alternative energy source that draws its strength through special coils, which have a strong electric field. In fact, this energy is the fourth dimension because it does not correspond to the usual limits of X, Y and Z. But in the world begins the massive use of such coils, and the police are no longer able to control all. The show’s creators have managed to convey to the audience the idea very brightly, which explains the popularity of the anime.
Dimension W Season 2
The cast of the show consists of the actors, whose voices may be heard in the series:

  • Reina Ueda, whose voice belongs to Mira Yurisaki;
  • Daisuke Ono, presenting Kyoma Mabuchi;
  • Kimiko Saitō, whose character is Mary;
  • Takaya Hashi, acting as Shido Yurizaki;
  • Takako Honda, presenting Seira Yurizaki, and some others.

Chances for Renewal and Rating

On IMDB Dimension W has a figure of 7.1/10, and his result is not the lowest one. The authors haven’t yet mentioned when new season release date is going to be announced, but if everything is all right, the premiere will probably take place this year and the show will return on the world’s screens. Stay tuned and get the news concerning the following season start and know all the details of the anime.


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