Digimon Fusion Season 3

An adventurous return of the beloved hero named Mikey wrapped up in the anime series “Digimon Fusion” is so far put on hold as the renewal for the third season has not been announced yet. Thus, keep abreast of the situation together with us.

Basic features of the anime

The anime series entitled as “Digimon Fusion” is another regular addition to the Digimon franchise with Mikey remaining as a principal character.
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The series airing is the matter of concern for the Nickelodeon channel. The serial is also the part of the programming list as on The CW’s Vortexx.
Defining the genre, we should mention that it is a marvelous adventure story. It is curious that in Japan the series is titled as “Digimon Xros Wars” serving as the sixth piece of stories in the above-mentioned franchise.
It is a multipart movie created for children but is also viewed with pleasure by adults due to the exciting plot.
As for the series producers, let’s name here the leading one named Akiyoshi Hong? (Digimon Adventure tri. Saikai, Digimon: The Movie – The Full Fandub). The studio for fabrication is Toei Animation (Gamba, Dragon Ball Cho, Go! Princess PreCure).
The first season debuted at the start of September in 2013. The second premiere was held in March 2015.

Right to the plot

Let’s not beat around the bush and turn to the describing the plot specifically. So it is about Mikey serving as a usual leading character here. He is a kind and ambitious 7th-grade boy. All of sudden, he finds himself in the mysterious Digital World where the residents are the strange beings called Digimon.
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He is fortunate to be not the only one representative of the human race in the world being joined by his friends. Then on starting his adventures in a new dimension, he gets to know that not all Digimon are nice as the monsters are constantly struggling with each other for control of certain territories in the Digital World.

Renewal predictions

The current state of affairs can only propose to us to wait for the official announcement of the third season. Taking into consideration a high rating level, the series resumption for the third chapter is pretty probable. So supposedly, we have nothing to worry about.
As for the concrete predictions concerning the possible launch timeframe of the third installment, here we should state that if the hiatus between the first and the second season constitutes a couple of years, it is possible that the third one will appear also in two years counting from the point of 2015, thus later in 2017. So this year, we may not wait for the appearance of renewal data, as well as the announcement of the Digimon Fusion season 3 release date.
We can receive info only getting closer to the end of this year, not earlier. Nevertheless, stay tuned if the info will become available on official Twitter and Facebook accounts of the anime series developers.


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